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You aim to please, but feedback is hitting you from every angle. Domo helps service organizations—from call centers to customer support—deliver better experiences with access to real-time data.

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The services dilemma.

When it comes to assessing customers’ needs, putting a suggestion box on the counter doesn’t cut it anymore. There are endless ways to collect feedback, but that’s only the beginning. The hard part is knowing which steps to take next.


"A simple implementation and seamless user experience. Domo is finally big data for the people."

The solution.

Gone are the hours spent logging in and out of multiple systems for simple reports. Domo’s powerful platform delivers data on a silver platter–so you can stop obsessing over numbers, and start making customers obsess over you.


    Domo connects to any source of services data and brings it all together in one place. That means less time digging for what you need, and more time using it.

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    Raw data can be hard to sift through. Domo extracts, cleans, and configures your services data just how you need it.

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    “Sexy” isn’t a word normally associated with bar graphs, pie charts, and scatterplots. Domo changes that.

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    Services teams communicate across multiple channels every day—email, text, group chats, carrier pigeons. Domo lets you work together right where the data lives, so nothing gets lost in translation.

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    Instead of merely responding to your customers’ needs, anticipate them. Domo gives you the tools you need to shift from reactionary practices to proactive ones.

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    A solution for every role.

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