See how Domo took Stance from 99 problems to none.

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See how Domo took Stance from 99 problems to none.

The CEO dilemma.

As CEO, you’re at the helm of your business, but you’re too busy collecting reports from every far-flung corner of your organization to step back and see the big picture. That’s a real headache–and not the kind you want to deal with when company growth is at stake.


"Before Domo, we had no way to see how each part of our business affected each other. I felt like a CEO with a blindfold on."

The solution.

With Domo, you can skip the headache and see all the metrics that matter to you in a personalized CEO dashboard. Domo connects to disparate data sources and instantly visualizes the information you need to call the big shots.


    Connect to any source of data, so you can see everything from cash balance to revenue growth rate to ROI all in one place.

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    Avoid having to manually mix and match data sources in order to see the big picture—let Domo automatically do that for you.

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    Want to see your revenue growth rate instantly? Of course you do—especially when you can visualize it in a way that’s intuitive and easy to understand.

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    Notice a drop in your operating margin? Touch base instantly with those who have the answers—without sending a single email.

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    Make top-level decisions with confidence with insights that drive better business performance. Domo’s platform arms you with the information you need to successfully manage your business.

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    A solution for every role.

    Connect to all your data.

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    Get answers with Domo apps.

    All Reps Scorecard

    Like professional athletes, all sales reps have key strengths and weaknesses. But can you see those strengths and weaknesses holistically? Now you can. And with that knowledge, you can build the fantasy sales team you’ve always wanted.

    • View how your sales reps stack up against each other
    • Know rep performance across six critical benchmarks
    • See how employment duration correlates to performance


    They say you aren’t really making money until you’re making money in your sleep. But what if you’re losing money in your sleep—how would you know? Wake up to fresh reporting and real-time forecasting.

    • Compare your current income statement to any previous period
    • Track gross profit margin and operating margin on a daily basis
    • Set text and email alerts for disproportionate spending

    Competitive Benchmark

    Your biggest competitors are usually the slowest. With key financial data right at your fingertips, you’ll be better-informed to make decisions in less time—so you can always stay ahead of the competition.

    • Measure your company’s financial health relative to the competition
    • Compare publicly available financial statement from key competitors
    • Seize opportunities with key insights into competitive advantages

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