Reimagining digital transformation through a data and analytics led change methodology

Research shows that organisations around the world are failing, flailing, or paralysed in their digital transformation initiatives. A McKinsey report showed only 10% of digital transformations have brought business value, and a PwC study shows that in Australia alone, only 44% of CEOs feel that they have the tools necessary to analyse and use their data to inform subsequent business transformation efforts.

Transformation done properly is a risky business. It can bring massive disruption to a company, and transformation in the digital age has been largely associated with multi-year projects, massive outlays of investment, and statistics that say it won’t work.

But there is an alternative.

Domo’s Reimagine series is an executive event program for business leaders who desire to get more, today, out of their transformation initiatives, or who have a mandate to “do more with data”.

1 Why traditional approaches to transformation aren’t delivering and the limitations of not doing things differently
2 How successful leaders are de-risking transformation through a data and analytics led change management approach
3 The five stages in data and analytics maturity and how to identify where you’re at, where you should be, and how to close the gap
4 How to reframe your approach to data and analytics to reduce the time to value and avoid long-running, high cost, high risk IT projects.
5 How to identify and quantify a use case for a data- and analytics- led transformation project that will deliver results in as little as six weeks, and examples of successful organisations who have done so

* Speakers will vary in each city.

Chris Willis

Chief of Design, Domo

Paul Harapin

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Domo APJ

Dr. Kevin McIsaac

Asia Pacific Business Value Practice Lead

Brad Howarth

Independent researcher and author

Tony Cheung

Senior Manager, Business Analytics & Campaign, Asana Global

Tony Trewhella

Partner, Deloitte

Paul Wilson

Director, Analytics & Information Management, Deloitte

Alex Twigg

Chief Information Officer, Judo Bank

Tom Caesar

Managing Director, Positive Group

Hong Zhou Wong

Senior VP, Group Controllership, Golden Agri-Resources

Date City Location
Thursday 18 July Hong Kong
Tuesday 23 July Singapore
Thursday 25 July Melbourne
Tuesday 30 July Brisbane
Thursday 1 August Sydney


Hong Kong