Manage data governance at scale.

As you extend Domo across your enterprise, use identity information gathered from roles, groups, attributes, preferences, and filters to efficiently govern your data access.

Domo feature data access

Grant access based on user attributes. 

Domo’s Dynamic Personalized Data Policies (PDP) makes it possible to create policies based on user attributes instead of individuals. You can use Dynamic PDP to scale policies with the growth of the company without needing to edit entitlement policies.

Use Trusted Attributes to specify the profile information you want users to be allowed to manage themselves.

Trusted attributes can be set in Domo or supplied by your identity service.

"Various features of Domo, including PDP (Personal Data Permisions), custom apps, and reports, helped us to spur an increase in engagement across our company."

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Put the stamp of approval on your datasets.

As your organization’s use of Domo grows, it’s increasingly important that everyone knows which DataSets have been approved for use. Certified Content identifies trusted sources of data so everyone in your company can be on the same page. Users can request certification of DataSet right from Domo, and you can customize the certification approval process to your organization’s needs, so the right people can certify the content they own.

Domo feature governance accounts

Perform data impact analysis.

See the upstream and downstream effects on your data. Data Lineage & Impact Analysis allows you to see how a DataSet impacts other DataSets, cards, and alerts.

Help users understand the ramifications of any changes they make.

Search and explore data lineage.

Easily find broken DataSets.

Quickly determine the impact of data changes on the rest of your Domo instance.

Domo feature governance accounts

Manage accounts at scale with an API.

Manage large numbers of users and their accounts with the Accounts API. Rather than managing user accounts individually, you can create, update, and validate accounts using the Accounts API.

Domo feature governance create role

Create customized roles for your enterprise.

While Domo provides several built-in roles, you may find that you have greater flexibility when assigning access across the enterprise. Augment Domo’s built-in roles with custom roles to maintain governance policies while expanding your use of data across the enterprise.

Restrict access to sensitive Domo features such as exporting data or changing settings.

Create an unlimited number of role types depending on your needs.

Use Domo’s Single Sign-On feature to assign people to the appropriate role automatically.

"Where we are now is that we have a single source of truth, a data foundation. And then you can build as many views on it as you like."

Joseph Puthussery, VP of Digital Marketing

Domo feature data stats

Understand your enterprise Domo usage with DomoStats.

You use Domo to easily access all of your enterprise data. But what about data on how you use Domo? DomoStats gives you valuable insights into how your enterprise utilizes Domo, so you can evaluate your Domo ROI.

Gain insight into your login trends, card trends, and DataSet information.

Discover your enterprise’s favorite and most viewed cards.

Watch and manage creation, edits, and deletions at the top level.

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