Extend your reach with our open cloud platform.

Answer the right questions for your role, industry, or task with an ecosystem of prebuilt and custom apps, powered by SDKs and developer toolkits.

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Domo transforms the way these companies manage business.

Fast, relevant answers with apps.

Domo’s open platform means that you can access apps built by partners and developers around the world, and create your own custom apps.

Utilize our vast library of connectors.

Get up and running with easy access to our collection of over 1,000 pre-built connectors for the most common data sources.

Leverage industry best practices.

With apps built by industry leaders for specific industries and roles, you don’t have to start from scratch to determine what metrics to track.

Use ours or create your own.

Browse hundreds of plug and play dashboards, pre-built connector APIs, and apps designed to answer your specific business questions and needs of your specific industry, functional role, and use case scenario. And if you don’t see what you need, build your own custom apps for yourself or for wider sharing in the Domo Appstore.

Pre-built apps and solutions.


Specific compilations of pages, cards, and other features that give insights for a specific industry, role, or use case.


Dashboards with pre-built visualizations for commonly-used data sources.


Pre-built API connections to your most important cloud data sources.

And more

Check out other Appstore tools—Buzz databots for notifications and help, public datasets, and more.

"What we couldn’t accomplish with the previous BI tool, we were able to establish in a week. That includes connecting the data, manipulating the data, and visualizing it in Domo."

Dominic Blosil | CFO

Featured Domo apps.

Explore Domo’s app solutions, built by Domo to address specific industry needs.

Domo’s Retail Suite

Domo Apps get you real-time retail metrics you need, the moment you need them.

Domo’s Media Suite

Your programmatic advertising data, all in one place, for on-demand insights.

Data Science Suite

Fortune 50 companies use Domo to see metrics they need for predictive insights.

Domo’s Marketing Suite

Real-time marketing reporting across channels for improved campaign performance.

Domo's IoT Cloud

Make the most of your consumer or industrial IoT device data by connecting it to Domo and surfacing insights.

Build your own apps and connectors.

Our developer portal gives you access to all the tools and documentation to create your own custom apps and connectors.

Create your own apps.

  • Define your app and power it by datasets that reside in Domo.
  • Create the app using Card Builder, our App Design Studio, or App Dev Studio.

Use Domo APIs to administer your data and users in Domo.

  • Authorize and manage tokens.
  • Manage datasets in Domo.
  • Manage groups and users in your Domo instance.

Create custom data connectors.

  • Use our connector IDE to build your own connector to your cloud API.
  • Create and upload data with Domo APIs.
  • Create plug-ins to bring on-premise data into the cloud.

"Various features of Domo, including PDP (Personal Data Permisions), custom apps, and reports, helped us to spur an increase in engagement across our company."

Senior Data Analyst, Jacob Peterson

Join Domo’s partner network.

Become an app solution partner and leverage your industry expertise to build and sell apps in the Domo Appstore.

Get access to our developer tools and create your own sandbox environment.

Reach new audiences and customers.

Build or expand your offerings on Domo’s SaaS environment.

Support for custom app building.

Domo Consulting is available to help you build custom apps for your business. Contact us to learn more about options to supplement your in-house development.

“Domo diligently customized an App to meet our needs. The beauty of the App is that Domo built it for us. It focuses on the stats we want to focus on.”

Chief Executive Officer

Domo’s cloud operating system offers the best in security and governance.

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