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Get early access to new premium features that help you build and sell apps and dashboards directly in the Domo Appstore.

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Why join?

The Domo Appstore is expanding dramatically, and soon it will be faster, easier, and more profitable for App developers to sell solutions there. Don't miss the chance to use the new features before the competition. Join the beta and get on the fast track to new customers and revenue growth.

Be first to benefit from new features.

Get early access to special beta benefits and new capabilities:

Market to customers right within Domo.

Finding customers is half the battle. Showcase your offerings where the customers are—in Domo!

Collect direct credit card payments.

Remove friction from transactions. Customers can find and purchase at the conversion point.

Pay a promotional app fee rate of only 5% for a limited time.*

Boost your profitability with sharply reduced app fees during the beta, for select payment methods.

*Excluding 3rd-party fees. Conditions apply - See the Appstore Partner Agreement Addendum for details.
Help fine-tune the program.

At Domo, we draw from actual user experiences to ensure we build what people really need. This program is no different. Your professional insights and ideas are exactly why we need you in this beta. You'll get direct access to the product team, so you can:

Give feedback and recommendations about the program.

Make sure your voice is heard from the very start.

Share your business needs to fast-track improvements.

No one knows your business operations like you do. Bring all that to the table.

See and influence the product roadmap.

You'll get a sneak peek at future plans—and help shape them!

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New Process

Here's a high-level look at the process of making and selling a solution.
This beta is available to current Domo partners only. If you are not a partner, learn more here.

1. Build

Start by creating something new to sell in the Appstore.

Develop a full-code solution
Use our App Development Framework to create business apps that meet your customers' needs and save them development time. To learn how, visit here.
Build interactive dashboards
Create stunning data visualizations your customers can use to invite exploration and “Aha!” moments. Learn how here.
2. List

Now set up your payment system account and add your solution to the Appstore.

Sign up for Stripe
Sign up for Stripe and link it to your Domo instance. For information on creating a Stripe account, visit here.
List your solution
List your solution on the Domo Appstore to be viewed by Domo customers.
3. Get paid

Then use Stripe to monitor both purchases and automatic payments.

Receive payments directly through Stripe.
Once you've connected your Stripe account, no need to do anything more to get paid for purchases. Just watch those payments roll in!

New Capabilities

This is an early access beta. The paint is drying on some things while other things get built. If you sign up today, here are the new capabilities you will see immediately:

Credit card payments.
Monthly recurring and one-time payments.

Roadmap Candidates

Here are some new features we're considering:

Editable and versioned listings.

Easily make changes and updates to your listings after they've been posted.

Advanced payment term options.

Sell as an individual, not just as a company, and accept annual recurring payments.

Additional payment methods.

Users buy with credit cards, bank debits and transfers, digital wallets, and more.

New full-code development tools.

Get access to development tools that enable the creation of more complex and customized solutions.

Were you hoping for something that's not on the roadmap?
Join the beta and you'll have the product team's ear for just that kind of thing!

Limited beta slots available.

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