Tuesday, October 22, 2013

WhippleHill Turns To Domo To Transform The Way It Manages Business

With Domo, Executives Stay Focused on What Matters Most

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SILICON SLOPES, Utah – October 22, 2013 – WhippleHill, a fast-growing SaaS provider that connects private school K-12 teachers, parents and students, has turned to Domo to transform the way it manages business.

Before Domo, WhippleHill’s CEO and management team were looking to connect company information from multiple departments in a way that would give them a better understanding of how their business was operating. They tried multiple solutions, but nothing provided them with the up-to-date, holistic view they needed.

Then they found Domo.

“We had been an Omniture user,” says Travis Warren, president and CEO of WhippleHill, “and we thought that maybe Domo could do for business information what Omniture did for website traffic.”

As expert software developers themselves, it didn’t take long for the teams at WhippleHill to fall in love with what they saw. “We were drawn to the user experience right away,” says Warren. “It was clean, simple and easy to use. I’m definitely a visual person, and the charts and the quality of the presentation layer are outstanding.”

The best part about Domo is you don’t have to be a “data guy” to navigate Domo.

Warren adds, “We use Domo in our executive meetings, and it helps us stay focused on the most important key performance indicators. Then if we have questions, the whole executive team can drill into the numbers right there in the board room.”

The best part for this chief executive, though, is that he can now identify and avoid potential problems before they hit.

“Having Domo is like the equivalent of having a depth finder and GPS when you’re navigating your business. Without it you can’t really see the terrain, and you just end up trying to avoid hitting the rocks you can’t see,” says Warren.

But now with an elevated perspective that only Domo can provide, Warren and his team can see clearly — and operate more efficiently.

“We’ve been around for 15 years, and if we had Domo in place then, it would have been a lot easier to manage outcomes,” he says. “If you’re going to keep score, you need a scoreboard. You need a place to look and see if you’re ahead or behind, and Domo gives us that.”

To learn more about how WhippleHill and other leading-edge companies are using Domo, visit Domo’s customer page at http://www.domo.com/company/customers/.

About Domo

Domo is a cloud-based executive management platform that gives users direct, real-time access to all the business information they care about, in one place.

With $125 million in funding, Domo is backed by an all-star list of angels and investors including Benchmark, IVP, GGV Capital, Greylock Partners, Founders Fund, Hummer Winblad, WPP, plus CEOs of the world’s largest of SaaS and Internet businesses.

Domo’s founding team consists of some of the most sought after talent in the industry with experience that includes Amazon, American Express, Ancestry.com, eBay, Endeca, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, MLB.com, Omniture, salesforce.com and SAP.

For more information, visit http://www.domo.com/. You can also follow Domo on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.


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