Monday, December 11, 2023

Edify Improves Worker Safety with the Domo Data Experience Platform

SILICON SLOPES, Utah — Today Domo (Nasdaq: DOMO) announced that safety software company has chosen Domo’s data experience platform to advance Edify’s mission of helping businesses in high-risk industries such as construction, mining, energy and manufacturing to uncover safety insights in seconds.

Working with some of the world’s largest construction programs, Edify gives users immediate access to frontline safety data—helping them make better informed decisions that reduce workplace injuries and improve overall workplace safety. Before Domo, the company struggled to quickly extract data from disparate sources in a way that was easy for its customers to understand. After using Domo, Edify was able to quickly and easily create standard, branded dashboards, cater them to specific customer segments, and embed them into its product.

“People don’t think of workplace safety data as all that exciting, but it is crucial in informing actions and decisions that literally save lives and save organizations millions of dollars in reduced insurance costs. We are gathering thousands of data points per day from our clients, and the technology we built natively continued to choke under the sheer amount of data, failing to deliver the critical insights our customers needed,” said Cory Linton, CEO and co-founder at Edify. “One of the things I really love about Domo is that it enables us to do so much more than we could on our own. In two weeks, we had Domo embedded in our software product. When I look at what we spend on Domo compared to what we were spending on internal development for an inferior solution, there’s not even a comparison.”

Providing customers with the best user experience and full access to their data is a top priority for Edify. Combining two of Domo’s powerful offerings—Domo Everywhere and Domo.AI —Edify amplifies data accessibility for its customers. Domo Everywhere provides Edify’s customers with data visualizations and actionable insights. To make data more accessible across the frontline, Edify uses Domo to incorporate conversational AI into its platform. These features enable users to speak into the app and get access to worksite data instantly. The game-changing functionality in the conversational dashboard enabled one of Edify’s customers to cut down a typically 45-minute data mining exploration into a five-second experience.

Customers have reacted positively to Edify’s technological improvements leveraging Domo’s data experience platform, and are sharing in the benefits of collecting and analyzing data in real-time. As an example, with Domo, Edify was able to help a customer reduce work vehicle injuries by identifying several employees that weren’t wearing seatbelts, which led to the customer refocusing its training and proactively aid accident prevention.

“With Domo’s AI and embedding capabilities, Edify can now democratize data in the field and the front office,” said Mark Maughan, SVP of customer success, Domo. “What they have been able to accomplish with better access to data isn’t just limited to improving business outcomes, it’s also saving lives.”

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About Edify.AI

Edify’s technology provides actionable insights to stakeholders, allowing them to change frontline behavior, reduce workplace injuries in high-risk environments, and decrease claims and insurance costs.

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