Thursday, March 27, 2014

eBay Deploys Domo as One-Stop Solution For Better Decision Making

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SILICON SLOPES, Utah – March 27, 2014 – Today Domo announced that eBay Inc., one of the world’s largest and most well-known online marketplaces, has implemented Domo’s executive management platform to streamline multiple sources of merchant data and provide strategic insights to executives for better decision making.

With 128 million active users globally, eBay collects vast amounts of data, especially regarding merchant sales information. eBay account managers wanted to better understand how well their merchant clients were selling on eBay, and how they could assist in optimizing those clients’ sales efforts. But the information required to make those decisions lived in multiple systems and was in various formats, making it difficult to get the value that existed in all the data eBay was collecting.

“Before Domo we were sending out Excel files and links to different places, and we built out a few dashboards, but at the end of the day they weren’t dynamic,” said Kevin Styers, manager of merchant sales operations at eBay. “It was very one dimensional.”

Now that they have implemented Domo, eBay’s decision makers are no longer forced to search for important trends across multiple systems of data.

“It was much simpler to get disparate data sources into the system than I’d ever imagined,” continued Styers. “Now Domo is our one-stop shop when we’re looking for any kind of analytical trends. It’s been hugely beneficial to our decision-making process.”

With one undisputed record of truth, everyone can now operate from the same page.

“Every Monday our managers sit down with their teams and pull up Domo to figure out where they need to focus their efforts for that week,” said Styers. “It’s the record for our weekly operational cadence.”

When asked about other BI solutions, Styers admitted they had value, but were missing a key component.

“Other solutions can combine data sources, but their presentational layer is still very analytical and Excel-pivoty in nature,” explained Styers. “Domo gave us the cutting-edge ability to take that data and put it in a cleaner, more visually appealing structure.”

“It’s really easy to get a KPI up and running, too,” continued Styers. “I was showing some other divisions within eBay and we literally built a card in less than 10 seconds. It’s that simple.”

That simplicity, concluded Styers, is what sets Domo apart from every other BI solution out there — and what sets up eBay’s executives for success.

“To me, this is the only tool on the market that executives can use and understand. These guys aren’t pivot-table junkies; they just want the data in a way that helps them make decisions. The fact that my VP now easily understands the story the data is trying to tell and can ask intelligent questions very quickly embodies the power of Domo.”

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