Monday, November 7, 2016

Domo's Business Cloud Helps Data Analysts More Easily Scale and Share Business Insights Across the Organization

Domo Releases Data Professionals from “Tableau Hell” with New End-to-end Solution for Easily Getting Data into the Hands of Business Decision Makers Globally


Austin, TX – Nov 7, 2016 – Domo today announced a series of new free enterprise offerings that leverage Domo’s Business Cloud to ease the pain that data analysts experience when trying to move from data discovery to sharing their key insights more broadly across their organizations.

“Data analysts and IT professionals consistently tell us that data discovery tools like Tableau are great tools for data drilling – but when they need to share insights with executives across the organization, or work with large data sets, their experience quickly descends into what they refer to as ‘Tableau Hell’,” said Josh James, founder and CEO, Domo. “Everyone is thirsty for data yet today’s desktop analysis and on-premise tools are not built for scale and cause more frustration for data professionals who are forced to toggle between multiple tools to find insights and then distribute them into the hands of business decision makers.”

James continued, “The pain is real. Existing tools can’t handle the volume of data being analyzed and don’t free analysts from the mindless torture of producing report after report after report for a growing audience of business decision makers who are gluttonous for actionable information. The use of tools that aren’t built from the ground up for the cloud are crippling organizations. There is no central command center for data governance and control. There is no one-version of the truth as teams work from disconnected sets of information.”

To help alleviate these pain points, Domo will be adding new data discovery capabilities to its business optimization platform and making them part of Domo’s free offering. Domo also added its Workbench tool to its free account option, enabling on-premise data to be ingested to the data warehouse and easily added to visualizations. The result is that Domo will offer an unmatched single-source solution for end-to-end data integration, data discovery and sharing in the cloud – all without the hassles of integrating desktop software, third-party tools or on-premise servers. In addition, because the data is ingested into one central repository, data professionals can easily understand and control who has access to what data sets and ensure their organizations are also enabled with one version of the truth for more effective business decision making.

Revealed today

Analyzer, a new integrated set of data discovery tools, to be available with free Domo
Today, Domo revealed Analyzer, a new set of data discovery tools that will be integrated into the Domo platform and included in Domo’s free offering.

Using Analyzer, analysts will have one workspace from which they can choose and explore all the data sets available to them in Domo. Analyzer offers innovative features like a Data Lineage, a path-based view that clarifies which sources that were combined to create a given dataset. It also enables simultaneous display data tables alongside visualizations, making it easier to uncover insights during the discovery process. When analysts discover new and compelling data, they can seamlessly publish and share them as cards to help align the organization around that information. Analyzer will be available in limited beta release at the end of this month, with broad rollout planned for Q1 2017.

Workbench, Domo’s secure on-premise data access and uploading tool, now part of free Domo
As of today, Workbench, Domo’s powerful client-side tool for easily accessing and uploading high-volumes of on-premise data securely into Domo, is now available in the free version of Domo. Leveraging Workbench, analysts who are using free Domo can now bring data from behind their firewall into the Domo platform, making it easy to explore and discover insights to share with business decision makers across the enterprise.

James added, “Since Domopalooza 16, we’ve seen most of the interest in our free offering come from data analysts, so we know there is a pent up demand. While Domo was designed for the business decision maker, the Business Cloud brings tremendous advantage to the data professional dedicated to serving the business. Adding Analyzer and including our existing Workbench tool to our free version helps alleviate the pain of having to use a patchwork of disconnected tools. With an architecture that allows for blazing-fast performance and the ability to seamlessly distribute insights in a format consumable by executives, Domo is the perfect solution to help analysts escape from data hell.”

Using the enhanced free offering, data analysts can leverage the power of Domo’s Business Cloud to more easily discover and share insights to as many data consumers across the organization as they choose. For data professionals looking to enable more self-service for business decision makers, free Domo accounts can easily be converted into 60-day free trials, bringing the full Domo experience to all users across the enterprise.

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