Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Domo Updates Its COVID-19 Global Tracker with Economic Insights

Robust, Interactive Tracker Adds New Data Sources to Deliver Insights on How Economy Is Responding to Current Status of Pandemic

Silicon Slopes, Utah, May 12, 2020 – Domo (Nasdaq: DOMO) today announced it has updated its free, interactive Coronavirus (COVID-19) Global Tracker with data from AWS Data Exchange, FRED and Thumbtack to deliver new insights into how different parts of the economy are responding during the current status of the pandemic.

With these new data sources implemented, tracker users can now see, for example, which industries have higher levels of economic activity, what regions are being impacted the least, and what professional services are in highest demand.

“Organizations of all kinds are seeking to quickly understand how the virus is impacting the world in which they operate,” said Josh James, founder and CEO of Domo. “Easy access to consumable data can help inform critical decisions and actions that help navigate through this crisis.

“As states and organizations contemplate their back-to-work strategies, understanding what’s happening can help inform key decisions and actions to ensure the health and safety of everyone, while getting their business back on the path to economic recovery.”

In addition to the free tracker, Domo is offering a highly customizable version of the tool as part of its Command Centers for government and business.

Any organization can embed the tool as a whole, or as individual visualizations that are most relevant to their stakeholders.

Domo’s tracker is fully available and interactive on mobile devices, as well.

The COVID-19 data is gathered every 10 minutes from credible sources including WHO, CDC, Johns Hopkins University, Worldometer, IHME, The COVID Tracking Project, The New York Times, and the Wikipedia compilation of world testing, to name a few.

Alerts and continual cross-checking of data sources for similar data ensures that the tracker is presenting the most current reported data available. This feature is particularly valuable when looking at stats-related testing and transmissions, mortality, and recovery, keeping the data that’s informing decisions the most up to date and current.

To access the free tracker, visit here. To learn how organizations are using data to navigate this environment, visit here. To learn more about Domo’s Get Back To Work solutions, visit domo.com/getbacktowork.

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