Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Domo Shines a Light on Dark Data with New Augmented Capabilities in the Business Cloud

Ubiquitous machine learning and turbo-charged data management tools empower technical and non-technical users to get more data leverage more quickly

SILICON SLOPES, Utah – Domopalooza LIVE & On-Demand –Today Domo (Nasdaq: DOMO) announced it is making it even easier to get BI leverage at cloud scale in record time through new augmented capabilities in the Domo Business Cloud.

In a new Dimensional Research study sponsored by Domo, 92% of individuals surveyed said they’ve made decisions in the past three months without having all the information they wanted, with most reporting that data is just too hard to access. And while 77% of respondents reported they know “dark data” across their organizations goes unused, 88% of people said they struggle to access data that is outside their control.

“We believe that moving fast and using great data is what will define great companies in the cloud era, however getting the right data and making it usable has been too difficult and time consuming,” said Catherine Wong, chief product officer and EVP of Engineering. “We’ve introduced these new intelligent capabilities into the Business Cloud to augment how data is accessed and leveraged with the goal of turbo-charging the speed at which companies can innovate and move their business forward.”

Domo’s new capabilities include ubiquitous machine learning and data science capabilities as well as more powerful data management tools that help technical and non-technical users move more rapidly from data to insight to model to action in a single workflow. As a result, anyone can leverage massive data volumes more easily to boldly dream up and deliver innovations that drive business forward. Domo’s new capabilities augment how data is connected and transformed, visualized and analyzed, as well as extended across and beyond organizations through data, apps and workflows.

Some of these new additions to The Business Cloud™ include:

Cloud-scale data capabilities

  • More powerful, high-bandwidth connectors for cloud and on-premise big data repositories including Google Big Query, AWS Redshift, Snowflake, as well as MySQL, Teradata, PostgreSQL and Oracle. These new connectors help users ingest and process huge DataSets up to six times faster than previously possible, overcoming the delays typically associated with loading massive data volumes.
  • Adrenaline Transforms is a new capability that allows users to transform massive DataSets – even several billions of rows of data – and rapidly transform them into more meaningful summarized DataSets to deliver extremely powerful dashboards for consumption. Adrenaline Transforms allow you to transform 10 times larger DataSets in less than a tenth of the time as compared to traditional DataFlows. Transformations that would have taken hours can now be performed in minutes or even seconds.

Intelligent data management

  • More intelligent data connectors that refresh the new data coming into Domo. By only refreshing data that has changed since the last update, and not entire DataSets, customers are able to get new insights in a fraction of the time.
  • New drag-and-drop write-back connectors that direct data into workflows in systems outside the data pipeline. This makes data work for the organization in bold new ways that before were never possible by taking Domo insights into other external systems.

Democratized and automated machine learning

  • AutoML, powered by AWS SageMaker Autopilot, makes it easy for anyone to automate their business by democratizing machine learning in the Domo platform. With AutoML, users tell the system the data they would like machine learning to be applied to and then Domo does the rest. This feature makes machine learning accessible to business stakeholders and accelerates data scientist productivity. With this automated, easy-to-use capability, much of the manual work of stitching together workflows, a process that can otherwise take days or weeks, can be eliminated.

Powerful transformations enhancements 

  • New inline connectors that allow users to seamlessly add new data anywhere in their Magic ETL data pipeline. This saves time by eliminating the need to configure the data in advance.
  • Auto Data Hygiene and error handling capabilities that use ML to automatically give users suggested steps to make incoming data more usable. This dramatically reduces the time required for manual data cleansing and preparation.
  • New powerful SQL tiles that allow users to drag-and-drop complex SQL script actions anywhere in the data pipeline. This eliminates the need to write SQL script actions outside the platform as well as the additional steps needed to apply them to the data.  

Powerful visualization exploration tools

  • DataSet Views is a new visual tool that gives any analyst or business user who is familiar with spreadsheets the powerful ability to explore complex DataSets with the ease of a click-and-filter interface. Users can then save their explorations as new Datasets, automating manual ETL processes and creating greater data curiosity and adoption.
  • Augmented Discovery is a new AI feature that uses machine learning to help people discover other value across the organization and leverage it. Augmented Discovery automatically surfaces content, cards and pages in Domo based on patterns of value and what content is being used by people in related roles. This new intelligent feature prevents users from wasting time creating or searching for content that already exists, while automatically delivering new insights about their business that they may never have thought to explore.

Domo also announced significant updates to Domo Everywhere. With the new Data Everywhere, data can be published in a live query subscription, giving customers, partners and vendors the ability to interact with live data across Domo accounts. Now users can quickly and securely embed, publish and brand their own intelligent apps, interactive stories and raw data. Even if these experiences are driven with billions of rows of data, they can be distributed to any software or account where external stakeholders already spend time.

Customers like GFK, one of the largest global market research companies in the world, is using Domo Everywhere to power its GFK Consumer Insights Engine, a self-service digital platform that delivers an integrated and comprehensive collection of consumer insights to help its customers understand who they should be targeting and how to drive sales.

With Domo Everywhere, customers don’t have to worry about the foundational components of wrangling data or making it useable externally. Instead, they can focus on delivering a brand experience that is unique to their business and delivers new value to their stakeholders.

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