Thursday, November 15, 2018

Domo Rolls Out New Retail Product Suite

Includes New Apps Featuring the Top KPIs Retailers Need to Optimize Store and Product Performance

SILICON SLOPES, UT – November 15, 2018 – Domo® (Nasdaq: DOMO), provider of the leading cloud-based operating system for business, today announced it has expanded its solutions for retailers with the general availability of a new Retail Suite. This new offering includes the Domo Store Performance App and the Domo Product Performance App, which empower retailers to leverage real-time data to make better decisions and take actions to stay competitive, while improving business performance.

“Retailers today are in different stages of their digital transformation journey, yet all are in an increasingly competitive environment where every minute counts,” said Jay Heglar, chief strategy officer, Domo. “They are being overwhelmed with massive amounts of data from a growing number of systems designed to manage and measure every aspect of the customer relationship. Domo today is being used by top 100 retailers and Fortune 500 companies across thousands of employees to become digitally connected and leverage the power of real-time data to drive business forward.” 

For most retailers, data is trapped in silos or stored in a centrally managed data warehouse, with access limited to a select few – mostly analysts or those in operational functions. Domo changes that, making it easy to get the right real-time data into the right hands across the business and make it consumable and actionable via an intuitive, mobile interface. With enterprise-grade security and governance, Domo provides IT with control and visibility into how data is being accessed and used.

TELUS, the Canadian telecommunications giant, is using Domo to optimize the performance of its retail stores.  “With Domo’s user-friendly interface, our store managers, for the first time, have real-time insights into not only the quantity of the sales they are making in their stores, but also quality,” said Marysol Elorriaga, channel insights for TELUS Retail Limited.  “Domo allows our store managers to understand what’s really happening in their business and identify opportunities for training, coaching and making adjustments to areas of the business such as staffing, that can have a big impact on store ROI, a key metric we’re all aligned behind.”

Outdoor retailer Bass Pro has been using Domo and real-time data to transform the way it manages just about every aspect of its business from human resources, to merchandising, manufacturing and inventory management. With the recent acquisition of Cabela’s, Bass Pro is finding the Domo platform to be a critical tool in keeping their business moving forward through the merger of operations.

“As we work through integration of Bass Pro and Cabela’s, Domo has been a foundational tool to support decision making with relevant and timely data out of multiple separate operating systems,” said Tammy Mesiner, director of business analytics for Bass Pro.


Domo Store Performance App

Domo’s new Store Performance App makes it easy for everyone from retail floor associates, managers and executive management to align behind critical metrics and receive real-time insights to improve store performance.

The Domo Store Performance App also includes:

  • Metric monitoring, including period-over-period comparables and trending to identify opportunities for actions that will improve results;
  • Banner, a feature that allows corporate management to communicate directly to store employees around key topics such as sales incentives, new product information or customer service issues;
  • Voice of the Customer, a feedback feature that makes it easy for store employees to provide real-time insights from the store floor back to corporate; and,
  • Company directory, a feature that makes contact information for store employees readily available to every employee on the app, speeding communications across the company.

Domo Product Performance App

Domo’s new Product Performance App helps retailers maximize sales by understanding product-level performance. With the app, retailers can import custom maps of their physical stores and inventory layouts and combine that, through the Domo platform, with appropriate data from a variety of inventory and point-of-sales systems to gain insights that will help them make decisions to improve sales volume.

Larry H. Miller Sports and Entertainment, owner of the Utah Jazz, an NBA franchise, is using Domo’s Product Performance App to optimize and maximize ticket sales. The app overlays a layout of the arena with its ticketing sales system, giving Larry H. Miller’s team an easy way to see how areas of the arena are selling, and adjust pricing as needed to ensure they are selling efficiently.

Nathan Kenyon, VP of reporting and analytics for Larry H. Miller Sports and Entertainment, said, “The app is tailored precisely for our ticketing team. Being able to set filters by a time frame, by an opponent, or even a ticket plan type, has been game changing for us. The visual nature of the app makes it very easy to identify revenue opportunities and make decisions to drive more efficiency in our sales process.”

“Data looked at in isolation or after-the-fact, compared to in real-time and in fuller context, can be the difference between survival or extinction in today’s dynamic retail environment,” added Heglar. “Domo solves for this by making it easy to access, consume and act on data for the good of the company. Our customers are leading the way in using data to enhance their competitiveness. We’re honored to be part of their digital transformation and will continue to deliver innovations that help them on their journeys.”


Domo’s new Retail Suite with Store Performance and Product Performance apps is immediately available to all Domo customers and is centrally deployed through the Domo platform, making the solution easily scalable and easy to get up and running without administrative burden. For more information, visit:

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