Thursday, May 28, 2020

Domo Releases Data Explorer Feature on its Interactive COVID-19 Global Tracker

New Data Explorer feature delivers a user-friendly experience for citizens seeking industry specific data insights

SILICON SLOPES, Utah – May 28, 2020Domo (Nasdaq: Domo) announced enhancements and data insights from its Covid-19 Tracker. The Data Explorer feature, which compiles key metrics from AWS Data Exchange, FRED, TSA and other sources, allows users to quickly filter to a specific country or state or day, sort the data and export the metrics behind the interactive visualizations.  Since its update, users can drill down into specific industry data to better understand how the crisis is affecting their business and families in real time.

With data amassed from FRED, users can more thoroughly research unemployment figures throughout the country while newly added TSA data offers insights into airport activity.

“The Data Explorer empowers users to really delve into the details of the data and explore on their own.  As a company that is renowned for user-friendly products, it was important that we make the Data Explorer highly intuitive,” said Ben Schein, Domo’s vice president of data curiosity.

High-level industry data recently extracted from the COVID-19 Tracker shows that:

  • Initial unemployment claims have trailed off each week since the week of March 29.
    • From 6 million claims per week in late March to under 2.5 million the first weeks of May.
  • Continuing unemployment claims continue to rise with the current number over 25 million compared to 3.4 million in early March.
  • Hardware stores are leading the country’s small business economy in foot traffic up over 70% compared to a February baseline for the period ending May 22.
  • Other businesses seeing consistent gains in foot traffic include drug stores, liquor stores and auto shops.
  • Over the last 14 days foot traffic has increased significantly at clothing stores (+36%) and casual dining (+26%) led largely by increases in the south region.  Both categories remain down almost 60% to pre-COVID levels.

In stark contrast to industries that have evolved with the global health crisis:

  • Airport foot traffic is down over 73% as of May 22nd.
  • A number of other categories continue to experience severe declines in foot traffic of at least -60% including Casual Dining, Gyms, Clothing Stores and Movie Theaters.
  • Foot traffic in the western region remains down over 20% in aggregate.

Currently, more than 700 Domo customers have connected data from the Domo COVID-19 tracker into their own instances of Domo to help them better understand what’s happening and to navigate this environment relative to their specific operations. For more information on the global COVID-19 tracker, visit here.

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