Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Domo Launches Groundbreaking #domosocial Experiment


First-of-its-kind Live Case Study Promotes 100% Employee Adoption of Social Media; Makes Social Media Usage a Condition of Employment
SILICON SLOPES, Utah – May 8, 2012 –Domo, founded by Omniture co-founder and longtime CEO Josh James, has launched the #domosocial experiment. This groundbreaking project is designed to get 100% of Domo's employees using social media. Domo is also sharing the results of this experiment via a first-of-its-kind live case study at
By encouraging employees to embrace social platforms and leading-edge consumer technologies, Domo believes this project will enable the company to develop higher quality products, understand the viral nature of web offerings more effectively, better promote the Domo brand, and foster more interesting customer conversations.
“When I was at Omniture, we were better than the big tech companies when it came to understanding social and cutting-edge technology trends, but not as savvy as the VC-backed startups in Silicon Valley,” said James. “This project is designed to ensure our entire company is as adept at understanding and leveraging social and new technology trends as any startup. It also is intended to provide for a common set of experiences and language, so we can communicate more effectively internally as we are discussing product development and the user experience we are trying to build.”
And because the social world is an open book for everyone to see, so is the #domosocial experiment. “We're taking this experience to a whole new level by showing the entire world what we are doing,” said James. “This is the first live case study of its kind. Opening this project up to the world will probably lead to some embarrassing moments. We hope it will be useful and instructive to others if we share, warts and all.”
Domo will be tracking key metrics to show its progress—how it is increasing its reach, what social apps are the most popular within the company, who are the most prolific users of social media, and much more.
To prove it means business about the #domosocial experiment, Domo is adding a social IQ test to its recruiting process and making social savvy a condition of employment for all current and future employees. “I think we are doing something that has never happened in business before…anywhere,” said James. “I hope our openness and honesty inspires many other companies to attempt a similar initiative.”