Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Domo Introduces the Domo App Publisher Partner Program and a $50 Million Fund to Back Developers for the Business Cloud


SILICON SLOPES, Utah – March 22, 2016 – Today at Domopalooza, Domo launched the Domo App Publisher Partner Program to provide the tools, best practices and support necessary to create an ecosystem of business management apps for the Domo Appstore. The program was introduced today with more than a dozen publishers on board.

Core to Domo’s App Publishing Partner Program are new developer tools including Domo’s software development kit (SDK) and Domo App Builder, both now available. These tools, along with Domo’s open APIs, make it simple for anyone to build and deliver apps for themselves, for the Domo Appstore or for their own customers.

Today, Domo also announced a new investment program that will seek to commit up to $50 million in capital to compelling companies making a big bet on the Business Cloud via the Domo platform and Domo Appstore. Teaming with Domo on this fund are leading venture capital firms GGV Capital, IVP and Zetta Venture Partners.

“Just as apps defined the iPhone and are continuing to drive value with new devices like Apple TV, Domo Apps are the future of data-driven business management,” remarked Josh James, founder and CEO of Domo. “An ecosystem of partners and developers has already gravitated to the Business Cloud, and we expect today’s announcements to unleash an explosion of data innovation in the Business Cloud for Domo customers.”

For partners, the sophistication and ubiquity of Domo’s platform for connecting to and preparing data eliminates some of the most complex components of software development.

Matt Belkin, general manager of the Domo Appstore, added, “We’ve had tremendous feedback from our initial set of partners who have already leveraged our SDK and the power of the Domo platform to easily bring apps to market and compete more aggressively with larger solution providers. Our launch partners were instrumental to having with more than 1,000 Domo Apps available in the Domo Appstore today.”

“As a venture capital firm focused firmly on investing in companies creating the intelligent enterprise, we couldn’t be more bullish on bringing solutions to market that help businesses make better use of their data and analytics,” said Mark Gorenberg, managing director of Zetta Venture Partners.

For more information, visit Domo’s App Publisher Partner Program.

Domo App Publishing Partners Voice Support

“Domo has already delivered a firm foundation by making data from multiple clouds and legacy data sources easily accessible through the Domo platform,” said Chris Knoch, Domo partner and CEO at Big Squid. “As a partner to the App Publisher Program, we’ve been able to expand our business and create indispensable solutions allowing our decision makers to optimize how they operate and transform their business.”

“We have experienced a level of proficiency and flexibility in Domo that has truly elevated our app-building experience,” said Jeffrey Peacock, partner at Bera Brand Management. “While you can always buy technology and services to get a job done, it is less common to find a third–party platform that doubles as a source of pride; something that continues to flourish much to the delight of our clients. Our expanding partnership with Domo will accelerate our shared success, unleashing a secret weapon within a data-hungry ecosystem.”

“Driving culture, managing a workforce and engaging employees is now made easier thanks to our partnership with Domo,” said Corey Koopmans, CEO at Beyond Payroll. “We are excited to launch our first two human capital management apps at Domopalooza and are eager to share many more in the coming weeks.”

“We’re highly focused on partnering with the best solutions to give customers the power to make smarter, data-driven business decisions, which is exactly why we’re offering the Brandwatch Analytics app through the Domo Appstore and App Partner Publishing Program,” said Venu Konda, VP of Channels & Partnerships at Brandwatch. “By pairing Domo’s expert business intelligence platform with Brandwatch’s deep social intelligence and insights, users can track business performance through social activity as a comprehensive measure of its impact on the customer.”

“As experts in the configure, price, quote (CPQ) process, we are thrilled to lend our expertise to the Domo Appstore to give decision makers insights and best practices around the CPQ process in a way that was never before possible,” said Josh Levin, business intelligence lead at CPQ, an Oracle Gold consulting company specializing in cloud implementations. “With Domo’s SDK and the Domo Appstore, we have enabled our customers to make more informed business decisions based on overall sales metrics, facilitating an increase in sales efficiency and overall revenue stream.”

“Domo has helped to make an immediate impact on our business,” said Neal George, VP IoT & technology partnerships at Tealium. “Tealium customers realize they have access to rich first party visitor-centric data generated in the Tealium Platform.  They want the flexibility to visualize this data quickly in Domo, vs. be tied to only clickstream data available in traditional web analytics systems.  Moreover, it’s very important for them to access their digital persona and campaign performance KPIs across devices, alongside other operational KPIs in one single console.”

“We are in the service business, so labor is one of our most significant expenses and the Domo App Publisher Partner Program has enabled us to create overtime reports that have saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars,” said Tim Pugh, president at Thermo King Intermountain. “This year, we will be able to more effectively measure productive employees, identify training opportunities and make hourly decisions instead of monthly decisions that are 30 days too late to make a financial impact. We are excited to share our best practices with the rest of Domo nation.”

“We are thrilled to be a part of the Domo partner program, which will give Skyword clients deeper insights into how the content they create impacts the growth of their organizations,” said Rob Murray, president at Skyword. “Through Domo, Skyword’s clients can share data on audience development and engagement, content performance and contributor insights throughout the enterprise.”

“Our partnership with Domo has already helped us serve our existing BI clients better,” said Travis Cook, cofounder of SolutionStream.  “It has opened up an entire new line of business service and potential for us. With the Domo platform we can take our dashboard and BI work to the next level. And this takes SolutionStream to the next level.”

“We’re very excited about participating in the Domo Appstore as a publisher of premium content, KPIs and dashboards,” said Eric Lee, COO at Vroozi. “Partnering with Domo in this effort has greatly accelerated our ability to bring intelligence and fast decision making for our customers’ procurement organizations. We have just scratched the surface of a new BI paradigm where the combination of many different data sets will unlock incredible business insights that are nearly impossible to render today.”

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