Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Domo Introduces New Features and Platform Capabilities to Drive the Data Revolution From the C-Suite to the Frontline

Series of new platform enhancements and offerings help accelerate ROI and adoption across the enterprise

Silicon Slopes, Utah – March 28, 2017 – Last week at Domopalooza, Domo announced several new features for The Business Cloud to further revolutionize the way business is managed. Each new feature or capability announced improves a business decision maker’s ability to better understand his or her business, make more effective and more efficient decisions, and take timely action to improve results.

“From Day One, Domo was designed to transform the way business is managed by changing the relationship people have with data,” said Josh James, Domo founder and CEO. “At Domopalooza 17, we unveiled new functionality that will continue to make the data and insights smarter, more holistic and easier to share.”

New features and capabilities announced at Domopalooza, include:

Annotations: Highlight the most important points for conversation – Annotations makes communication about data even more fluid. With Annotations, Domo gives business decision makers the ability to quickly highlight the most significant insight or question directly on top of a chart or data point, from either their desktop or mobile device. The annotated cards can be easily shared via Domo’s integrated social collaboration tool to focus business conversations around the most pressing business questions.

Alert Center: Intelligently surface important updates and changes – Alert Center is a new, personalized, dynamic and highly visual console that helps business decision makers keep their fingers on the pulse of what’s happening across their business and take appropriate action. Combining anomaly detection, personal data consumption patterns, trending company focus points and an analysis of an organization’s most-watched metrics, Domo can surface the most relevant, personalized view of exceptional conditions, patterns, changes and information that business decision makers need to know.

Enhancements to Analyzer: The easiest and most scalable way to analyze large data sets in the cloud

Domo announced several new features to its data discovery tool Analyzer, bringing deep analytics capabilities to business decision makers and data analysts through the Domo platform. New features announced, include:

  • Data Lineage – Domo’s Data Lineage is a new visual representation of data’s journey through the platform, to help users understand the source(s) and actions that have already been taken on that data. With Data Lineage, analysts can quickly validate the quality of their data, instantly see freshness and status of individual upstream data sources that are being blended together, and understand what makes up the data and transformations that have come together in the downstream data source they are focused on.
  • Data Slicing – Domo cards have always offered powerful filtering to let users segment data by a particular value, such as by year or by geographical location. Now analysts can create highly guided analysis paths and make the most common views easier to access from quick “slicer” buttons on the main card interface. Leveraging this capability, business decision makers will more quickly find and navigate to the views the analysts have prepared through these simplified interfaces.
  • Period-over-period capabilities – Domo’s new period-over-period visualizations make it easy to compare today’s activities to a relevant period in recent history. This instant, internal benchmarking capability eliminates old methods of manually computing calculations and overlaying them against the current period, allowing the business to more quickly get to insights and actions that drive performance.
  • 60 New Chart Families, enabling hundreds of new chart types and new color choices – Domo increases the data storytellers toolkit by providing an even greater range of visualization types and greater control over color choices to emphasize the most relevant data. All are available on mobile or desktop.

Domo Business-in-a-Box:  Building on its portfolio of pre-built content, Domo announced Domo Business-in-a-Box, a complete set of pre-installed, rapid deployment dashboards for all major business functions across the enterprise. Domo Business-in-a-Box makes it easy for business decision makers across an organization to get up and running quickly with their own data and quickly understand their performance against key metrics.

Domo Everywhere: Domo Everywhere is a new offering that gives Domo customers the ability to make business data in Domo – such as user behavior, business inventory levels, customer order history or member benefits – more easily accessible, interactive and consumable to their customers and partners worldwide. Domo Everywhere includes three deployment options: White Label, Embed and Publish.

Mr. Roboto: The first advanced intelligence platform to fully integrate machine learning and other AI technologies into The Business Cloud – Mr. Roboto is a new set of platform capabilities that leverages machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics. Mr. Roboto is the world’s first advanced intelligence platform to leverage insights from the massive amounts of business data in The Business Cloud combined with social patterns around that data to deliver a more holistic analysis of what’s happening across the business. As a new set of platform capabilities, Mr. Roboto can be leveraged by partners, solution providers and customers as they build custom solutions on top of the platform.

“Our research shows 70% of users are less than satisfied with their organization’s collaborative capabilities for data and analytics in the cloud. Analytics paired with collaborative techniques like annotations, sharing analyses and crowd-based alerts can help drive better business decisions,” said David Menninger, SVP and Research Director at Ventana Research. “Domo’s latest announcements showcase new features that accelerate bringing people and data together to improve business results. These features will enable business users to drive greater adoption of data-driven insights and Domo within their organizations.”

For more information about new capabilities announced at Domopalooza, visit www.domo.com/product/dp17-announcements.

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