Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Domo Expands Snowflake Partnership to Help Customers Build Their Business in the Cloud

Introduces New Federated Query Capabilities Exclusively for Snowflake

Joins Snowflake’s Partner Connect Program and Offers Free Trial to Demonstrate the Future of Data through Mobile-First Capabilities and Intelligent Apps

SILICON SLOPES, Utah  June 16, 2020 Domo (Nasdaq: DOMO) today announced an expanded partnership with Snowflake, the cloud data platform, to help customers build their business in the cloud. As part of today’s news, Domo has joined the Snowflake Partner Connect Program and released new federated query capabilities, including a native setup experience, exclusively for Snowflake.  Joint customers can now more easily experience the future of data across their entire organization through Domo’s mobile-first design and intelligent apps.

“Snowflake’s strong partner ecosystem is foundational to our mission of enabling every organization to be data driven,” Snowflake VP of Global Alliances, Colleen Kapase said. “We’re excited to leverage Domo’s strength as a mobile-first platform to deliver Snowflake data to a new audience of business users while introducing them to the future of data through Domo’s unique ability to rapidly build and deploy intelligent applications across the business.”

With Domo’s addition to the Snowflake Partner Connect program, Snowflake customers have free access to a 30-day full-featured Domo account that comes ready-to-deploy with Domo QuickStarts and pre-configured, eye-catching interactive dashboards that highlight the flexibility of Snowflake’s single, integrated platform in partnership with Domo.

“Customers are leveraging Snowflake for speed and business agility,” said Ian Tickle, chief revenue officer at Domo. “With our participation in Snowflake Partner Connect and our exclusive direct query interface for Snowflake, we are helping customers go fast, go big and go bold with their Snowflake data. The free trial experience through the Snowflake Partner Connect program is a great opportunity for companies to experience how unbelievably fast Domo makes it for customers to get more leverage from massive amounts of data.”

Feature enhancements to Domo’s direct query interface with Snowflake include a new integrated setup from Domo’s live data repository visualization, as well as new functionality for setting up alerts on visualizations built with Snowflake direct-query data sets.

“This newly expanded relationship between Domo and Snowflake brings together the power of two native enterprise-grade cloud companies to put data to work at the speed and scale required to keep businesses agile,” said David Menninger, SVP and Research Director, Ventana Research. “Domo’s expertise in making any data consumable and actionable for everyone across the business will help extend the value of Snowflake data throughout the enterprise.”

Snowflake customers can start using Domo today by navigating to the Partner Connect Tab using ACCOUNT ADMIN role and clicking on the Domo tile to launch into a new free trial experience.  For more information about the benefits of this partnership visit https://www.domo.com/snowflake.

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