Thursday, September 15, 2022

Domo and Walker Edison Named 2022 Nucleus ROI Winners

Walker Edison sees ROI of 1670%, with a payback period of less than one month, after deploying Domo

SILICON SLOPES, Utah – Domo (Nasdaq: DOMO)announced today that it and global furniture supplier Walker Edison received a Nucleus Research ROI Award for achieving a total ROI of 1670% through the adoption of Domo’s low-code data app platform, which unlocked insights that enabled Walker Edison to take the next step in its evolution and expand revenue.

“Walker Edison and Domo’s ability to go beyond traditional BI and analytics illustrates the power of real-time data integrated into mission critical systems,” said Alexander Wurm, senior analyst at Nucleus Research, Inc. “Partnerships like this give a roadmap for how to navigate the increasingly challenging economy we see today, and deliver value in reducing costs and driving competitive advantage.”

Before Domo, Walker Edison was manually aggregating data from various sources which often left out specifics around SKU and customer details and kept them from taking action on sales and inventory trends. After considering some of the largest players in the space, Domo rose to the top for its vast number of data connections and its ease of use.

Since 2002, the annual ROI Awards have recognized the top ten organizations whose technology deployments have delivered extraordinary business results. Nucleus Research analyzed Walker Edison’s costs of software, hardware, personnel, professional services, and user training over a three-year period to quantify the organization’s total investment in Domo. Indirect benefits quantified include increased revenue from improved inventory matching and time savings for the organization’s employees from automated tasks and streamlined processes.

“Implementation with Domo was 50% faster than other vendors we considered and the platform helped us unlock insights that we didn’t know we were missing,” Boyd Kezerian, Walker Edison’s Chief Transformation Officer said. “Everyone from board members to order processors now have access to real-time data and Domo is simple enough to use that anyone can understand the data and take action on the insights. Domo has made all the difference in how we increase revenue and manage our business.”

Walker Edison used Domo to develop an inventory matching process that increased inventory visibility and accuracy, ultimately saving $4M in lost revenue annually. Domo Alerts reduced the sales team’s need to review and update online product listings by 40% and the company went from 30 data visualizations to 10,000 that update operational and sales data in real-time. This gives investors visibility and confidence in the company’s health, and the improved visibility has led to 100s of millions in capital raised for the company.

“Walker Edison is a tremendous company and we’re honored to be part of their journey leveraging data to transform how their business is run,” said John Mellor, Domo CEO. “Through the power of the Domo platform, we’ve been able to support their high-growth business by putting data to work in all corners of their operations at unbelievable speed.”

To read the full Walker Edison case study, visit here. 

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