Thursday, December 7, 2023

Cosmo Energy Holdings Corporation and Domo Develop Data Education Workshops and Internships at Shiga University in Japan

SILICON SLOPES, Utah – Today Domo (Nasdaq: DOMO) announced that it and customer Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. (Cosmo) partnered on an educational program to nurture skilled digital transformation (DX) talent in Japan. Cosmo conducted a one-month internship program for Shiga University students, following workshops and presentations led by Cosmo and Domo data experts, and concluded the program with a debriefing session discussing Cosmo’s DX initiatives, at its Tokyo headquarters on November 30.

This educational program with Shiga University began in July, with a lecture focused on the importance of data literacy for all students, a three-day in-person workshop using Domo’s cloud-based data experience platform, and the month-long internship learning to put data to work with Domo.

As an early adopter of digital transformation initiatives, Cosmo is developing industry-leading initiatives to solve critical business issues with data and is committed to fostering a data-driven culture across its organization. The company first launched its Corporate DX Strategy Department in 2021, and in March 2023, the company announced its goal to increase the number of data-enabled employees to 900 by 2025.

Through this industry-academia collaboration with Shiga University and Domo, Cosmo aims to attract students into the data science industry as well as contribute to society by supporting activities that can help respond to the shortage of skilled DX talent, which has become an issue in Japan.

“It has been eye opening to discuss the DX issues we face here at Cosmo with the students from Shiga University, which is a leading institution in the field of data science education. We hope this educational program will help foster the development of human resources professionals who are attuned to the issues Japan’s digitized society needs to tackle. We also hope that this program will encourage students who aspire to become DX professionals to take an interest in our company,” said Noriko Rzonca, Managing Executive Officer and CDO, Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.

“Shiga University is the first university in Japan to establish a Data Science department. As an institution committed to the highest standards for training full-fledged data scientists, both in terms of the quality and scale of our faculty, we have focused on the development of digital human resources skills to lead us into Japan’s 5.0 era. We are honored to have the opportunity to improve our students’ digital skills through the informative program developed by Cosmo and Domo, two of Japan’s leading data organizations, and we will continue to actively develop partnerships with the businesses across the country to contribute to the development of human resources in this digital age,” said Masayuki Susai, Executive Director Vice President of Shiga University.

“In the midst of a shortage of skilled DX talent, at Domo, we believe it’s incredibly important to nurture data curiosity in the future workforce. We are honored to be able to support this educational program and Shiga University students through this learning process. It has also been very encouraging to see the impressive insights and results the Shiga University students have been able to create with ease using Domo’s data experience platform. I hope this is just the beginning of data curiosity for students and just the first of many programs to expand data literacy across businesses and institutions in Japan,” said Tom Kawasaki, President and Country Manager, Domo Japan.


About Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.

Based on its mission to provide a reliable supply of safe and comfortable energy, which is indispensable to our daily life, the Cosmo Energy Group has grown by positioning petroleum and petrochemicals as its core businesses and is now growing its renewable energy business from the perspective of long-term changes in the business environment.  Setting out its Group Management Vision as “striving for harmony and symbiosis between our planet, man and society,” and based on The Seventh Consolidated Medium-Term Management Plan “Oil & New, ~Next Stage~” the Cosmo Energy Group utilizes its strengths to develop its SS (Service Station) network for a next-generation mobility society, to promote eco-friendly electricity sales, and to expand production of clean energy, primarily through the generation of wind power. Through these businesses, including that represented by this venture, the Cosmo Energy Group aims to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, as well as resolve social issues and help build a sustainable society.

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Shiga University

Shiga University has the Faculty of Data Science, which functions as a national center of education and research in the field of data science, the driving force of the Society 5.0 era, and was established in 2017 for the first time in Japan, furthermore, the Faculty of Economics, which conducts education and research in highly specialized economic fields with a rich humanistic and global perspective against the backdrop of Omi’s history and culture, also the Faculty of Education is dedicated to nurturing teachers who will nurture the growth of future generations.

As a center of knowledge that extends from Lake Biwa to the world, the university is responsible for the inheritance of knowledge, the pioneering of knowledge, and the return of knowledge, and in order to contribute to the sustainable development of society in the transition to a new normal era, the university actively builds networks with society, the community, and industry, works to create new value that will lead the world, and fosters highly competent human resources to carry this on, we are also developing highly competent human resources who can play a key role in this endeavor. Through these efforts, we continue to take on the challenge of becoming a university that contributes to the “creation of the future” as a driving force for change that will open the way to a new society.

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