/ 2016 Social CEO Report

2016 Social CEO Report

How digitally engaged are Fortune 500® CEOs?

Social media has grown to be a power player in business, with companies adopting extensive social marketing strategies. But what about the CEOs of those companies? Are they as tapped-in as their marketing teams, or is there still a gap in social adoption among the top executives? To answer this question, CEO.com took a look at social profiles of every single CEO on the Fortune 500 ® list to analyze their engagement in the top six social networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and YouTube. CEO.com narrowed in on the social presence of each CEO on each platform to determine how involved CEOs are in social media, which CEOs are becoming social influencers, and where you’re most likely to find CEOs online.

Here are a few things they found:

  • 60% of Fortune 500 ® CEOs have no presence at all.
  • LinkedIn is the first social channel adopted by CEOs.
  • Only 36 Fortune 500 ® CEOs are on Twitter, and only 25 are active.
  • 11 CEOs from the group are on Instagram.
  • Facebook saw the biggest decline year-over-year.

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