/ Empower Data Storytellers with Self-Service Cloud BI

Empower Data Storytellers with Self-Service Cloud BI

Cloud, self-service, collaboration, and governance have all risen in importance over the past decade as we move towards the goal of information democracy. In a recent webinar, Howard Dresner, president, founder, and chief research officer of Dresner Advisory Services, and Ben Schein, VP data curiosity at Domo, discussed in detail why now is the time to “double down on data to improve decision making and execution.” We transformed that conversation into this eBook to share insight the seismic shift in how data and business intelligence are driving strategic initiatives.

According to the latest research, adoption of cloud BI and self-service BI platforms is exploding. In this eBook, you will learn:

  • Why cloud BI is essential in getting leverage from your existing investments
  • What self-service BI could mean for empowering your organization
  • How collaboration and governance support transparency
  • How to enable data storytelling through data literacy

Domo transforms the way these companies manage business.