/ Top 10 resources on safely returning to work

Top 10 resources on safely returning to work

In an effort to help you plan the best ways to bring your employees safely back to work, we’ve compiled a list of 10 invaluable resources that provide the latest guidance and thinking about employee safety, the evolution of the workplace, and new strategies that businesses may need to consider.



1. A Detailed Plan for Getting Americans Back to Work (HBR)

A comprehensive guide from the Harvard Business Review. Normally a subscription website, it has made this article and all other coronavirus coverage free to read and share.


2. CDC website for businesses and workplaces (CDC)

Official guidance from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. There are resources around planning your return, cleanliness, prevention and support for employees so it’s an essential destination for businesses of all sizes.


3. Covid-19 Control and Prevention (OSHA)

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has lots of important advice for businesses returning to work, but its PDF report “Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19” in particular is worth reviewing to get advice on what needs to be done to the workplace for employee safety.


4. Workplace Decision Tool (CDC)

One of the resources provided by the CDC, this flowchart-style guide is a simple reference to support decisions about when you are ready to return employees to the workplace.


5. Returning to the workplace after COVID-19: What boards should be thinking about (PwC)

Specific advice for the C-suite and board to consider as their employees adjust to the new ways of working.



6. Return: A new muscle, not just a plan (McKinsey)

If you’ve got the essentials already in place, this resource from McKinsey is a great next step to change the way you think about returning to work after the initial wave of disruption.


7. Return-to-Workplace Guide for HR Leaders (Gartner)

Information tailored for HR business leaders, with sections including “When to return?”, “Who returns first?” and “What’s required in the new workplace?”


8. National coronavirus response: A roadmap to reopening (American Enterprise Institute)

A clear, step-by-step model that organizations can follow during each phase of their coronavirus response.


9. Entering The New Normal: How To Safely Bring Your Workforce Back (Forrester)

Consulting firm Forrester proposes this universal framework for getting employees back into workplaces and suggests the steps that businesses will need to follow.


10. Post-pandemic back-to-business FAQs (FisherPhilips)

Advice on workplace safety from FisherPhilips, a specialist employment law firm, including general return-to-work principles and workplace safety.

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