Accelerate approval workflows.

Digitize, streamline, and manage all your company’s ad-hoc requests so you have a fast and sure system in place to obtain approval before taking action.

Have confidence in your approval processes.

Support decision-making by bringing all your requests into a central location, including feature requests, new hires, discounts, press releases, and more.

Stay on top of all requests coming your way.
Collect and manage all approval workflows in one accessible platform so nothing gets lost in the shuffle.
Enhance visibility throughout the process.
Track the status of any request and see documentation and justification around actions before they take place.
Flexible to your organization.
Anyone can build a custom template for any approval process to requests unique to your organization.

Approve quickly and easily.

Everything needed to make a decision is placed right in front of you.

Access the app on any device and respond to requests wherever you are.

View an activity feed that highlights exactly what is waiting on you and easily sort through what needs your attention.

Attach assets to appropriate approval workflows so you know you have the final version and there is no need to look anywhere else.

Receive customized notifications when there is an update or action item for you.

Work flexibly and collaboratively.

Easily evolve your templates and workflows as your needs change.

Follow up and/or mention someone in a conversation within an approval workflow – no need to leave the platform.

Create your own template for any process with customizable fields.

Add anyone across functions as an approver or observer.

Boost transparency and accountability.

Check out individual and company-wide metrics in the app’s leaderboard and analyze Approvals activity data. With the app you can easily see:

How long a task has been waiting on someone.

Average approval time for all users and the organization overall.

Number of reviewed requests per individual and total for the organization.

Use cases by line of business.


Streamline approvals for product dev processes.

  • Sign off on feature updates and communication.
  • Approve customer requests for release scope.
  • Get stakeholder approval on product naming.
  • Obtain approvals on product UI/UX design.
  • Get leader approval on proposed product roadmaps.

Expedite approvals for new hires, onboarding, training, and more.

  • Speed up the approval chain for new hires, transfers, and promotions.
  • Route requisitions for approval.
  • Create approval workflows for onboarding and offboarding.
  • Accelerate approvals on training requests.

Fast-track everyday approvals for the sales cycle.

  • Get management approval for travel requests.
  • Obtain approval for discounting.
  • Create approval flows for contract changes and approvals.
Marketing / Communications

Obtain approvals on marketing content and communications.

  • Expedite approval for press releases.
  • Obtain approval on marketing content from all stakeholders.
  • Get sign-off at each stage of a campaign.
  • Ensure company-wide communications are reviewed and approved faster.
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Manage budget and headcount requests proactively.

  • Move budget requests faster through the approval chain.
  • Issue approvals for new headcount.
  • Create an approval workflow for forecast submissions.
  • Sign off on invoice and payment requests.

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