Learn how Domo for Life Sciences can help your team discover insights at all stages of the value chain.

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Unlock data value at speed across your entire life sciences business.

Integrate and manage data generated at all stages of the life sciences value chain to uncover insights and drive better, faster decisions

Solve more data challenges across the life sciences value chain.

Clinical Trial Analysis

Unlock the full value of your clinical trial data.

Aggregate all your clinical trial data into a unified view to identify trends from historical data, define best practices, better monitor spend, and guide decisions in current clinical trials.

  • Optimize trial spend in real time and make data-driven decisions.
  • Assess go/no go decisions, benchmarking against prior investments.
  • Unlock new insights to profile trials and define best practices.
  • Accurately report to understand key clinical trial metrics.
Counterfeit Audit

Detect online counterfeit drugs faster.

Create a centralized view of counterfeit drugs being sold online, bringing together data from various sources to uncover and address illicit activities faster and more effectively.

  • Expose gray markets and identify fraud hotspots.
  • Speed up data collation to minimize data scraping.
  • Maintain brand equity to ensure sale of genuine drugs.
  • Increase revenue as well as reduce tax liabilities.
Media Mix Modeling

Uncover your most effective media mix.

Dynamically integrate data from various sources, transform it into live visualizations, and build predictive models to optimize your media mix and make faster, better decisions regarding marketing spend.

  • Gain better insights to yield more leads under the same budget.
  • Confidently calculate ROI and identify channel clusters.
  • Make proactive decisions to improve performance on incremental spend.
  • Prove bottom line impact and showcase the full impact of campaigns.
Sales Performance

Leverage data to sell more effectively.

Get fast, consolidated and easy-to-interpret data insights to better manage, track and predict your sales cycles and empower field sales teams to optimize performance.

  • Track and set sales targets to monitor and optimize sales performance.
  • Equip sales reps with data on the go to enable swift action in the field.
  • Improve forecasting to precisely determine pipeline outlook.
Supply Chain

Achieve operational excellence.

Draw on real-time insights from your entire life sciences supply chain to forecast demand more accurately and confidently drive operational value for your organization.

  • Optimize production and gain visibility into your entire supply chain.
  • Monitor fluctuations and plan for changing demands.
  • Manage inventory and track key metrics like order flow rate.
  • Improve forecasting and demand planning to optimize supply chain.

Learn how Domo helps Life Sciences teams:

Connect data throughout the life sciences value chain.
Integrate and combine data from disparate systems used at any stage across the entire lifecycle.
Bring data into the hands of the business.
Enable your teams with no-code ETL and real-time visual analytics that drive fast, effective decisions from drug and medical device development to delivery.
Tackle use cases with intelligent apps and data science.
Create intelligent apps tailored to your specific users and workflows, with predictive analytics built right in.
Connect data throughout the life sciences value chain.

Connect data throughout the life sciences value chain.

When operating across multiple geographies with diverse IT, you need to access data across systems. Domo creates a 360-degree view by integrating thousands of data sources, including the IT or BI tools you already use.

Dynamically integrate all your data sources. Bring all your data together with 1,000+ prebuilt connectors.

Run and process your data at record speed. Quickly access the metrics you need with sub-second query response times, even as your data grows.

Bring data into the hands of the business.

Bring data into the hands of the business.

From interpreting clinical findings to measuring the effectiveness of drugs based on real-world health outcomes, Domo gives you access to real-time insights that allow you to make confident decisions – and act fast.

Rapidly clean and transform your data. Automate your data pipeline, leveraging no-code drag-and-drop ETL solutions.

Enable your teams. Use real-time data dashboards to identify trends to make confident decisions throughout the entire value chain.

Collaborate inside and outside of your business. Use embedded analytics to distribute data effectively within your organization as well as with external partners.

Tackle use cases with intelligent apps and data science.

Tackle use cases with intelligent apps and data science.

Build intelligent, use-case driven applications that allow you to create data sets in real time to effectively forecast sales based on value and demand, enhance your supply chain, and accurately plan your life sciences supply chain.

Gain proactive insights. Act faster on emerging business developments by automating alerts.

Extend the value of your data. Create your own custom applications, available on mobile, to derive even more value from your data and drive competitive advantage.

Leverage data science. Implement modeling for more precise and predictive insights.

Powered by the Domo Business Cloud.

Domo’s all-in-one data platform can help you to better integrate, interpret and use data to drive informed decision making across your business.

Data Integration

Dynamically integrate, transform, and orchestrate data from any source.

BI & Analytics

Drive action with Domo’s real-time and predictive analytics.

Intelligent Apps

Create your own custom apps to automate and activate workflows.

Embedded Analytics

Share data and collaborate with customers and partners.