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Most modern BI products support users taking actions that impact business. But global enterprises have to think bigger and faster. Giving more users access to more data. Delivering timely insights so workers can be proactive, not reactive. Data governance at scale.

Join this free virtual summit where Domo will introduce the data innovations that enterprises are looking for — native connectivity, interoperability, integrations, and extreme flexibility, that are quickly becoming the industry standard for frictionless BI.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2022
12:30 PM ET | 5:30 PM GMT +1

Why attend?

In just 60 minutes, you’ll learn from Domo customers and product leaders how innovations in data apps can directly drive huge business impact. See how removing BI friction across the enterprise leads to wider adoption of scalable, actionable analytics. Reduces tech debt. Enables proper data governance. So more employees can make data-driven decisions, and IT can sleep at night.

Provide self-service analytics

Are you unable to provide your teams with the right data to do their jobs? Learn how to broaden access to meaningful data with seamless, self-service analytics by using Variables, Customized Apps, and Domo Everywhere.

Manage and scale data governance

Are you challenged with governing access and data ownership at scale? Explore maintaining proper data governance with Group Ownership, Certifications, Governance Toolkit, and Sandbox.

Move from reactive to proactive BI

Does your reporting look backwards at what has already happened, making your users always reactive and too late? Be more proactive in driving impact using Jupyter Workspaces, Domo Alerts, and Adrenaline Data Flows.

Hear From Data Practitioners
& Product Experts

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Product Demo: Revolutionizing Modern BI for Enterprise Scale


The NEW Domo Jupyter Workspaces

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