Answer any question with dynamic dashboards.

Variables turn dashboards into interactive data experiences that allow users to answer questions on their own.

Customizable, interactive dashboards to fit any business scenario.

Variables are custom fields that users can adjust inside of cards and dashboards, so data teams don’t have to create multiple charts and dashboards for every possible scenario. Variables allow dashboards to be used for:

What-if Analysis
Free up IT resources and lower the bar for self-serve analytics by enabling business users to perform ad hoc what-if analysis.
Metric Exploration
Easily build dynamic variables to make your business stories more interactive.
Time Comparisons
Create sophisticated period-over-period visualization and analysis to answer critical business questions.
Pivot Tables
Give users the power to adjust their data any way they want in a pivot table with point-and-click controls.

Learn how to create interactive data solutions with Variables.

Equip teams with self-service capabilities.

Variables allow business users to make changes to key chart and dashboard elements on the fly—no data team required.

  • Build a data driven culture.
  • Save time, money, and resources by providing teams with tools they need to self-serve.
  • Allow users to change parameters such as date range, dollar amounts, and more.
reduce it reliance

Reduce reliance on IT.

Variables make data teams and business users more efficient:

  • With variables, any data consumer is empowered with dynamic analytics capabilities that make reports and dashboards interactive and allow them to explore and make changes on their own.
  • Variables give analysts tools to design flexible self-serve data apps that rapidly deliver insight and save data teams precious time and resources for high value projects.
oversee variables

Oversee usage of variables.

Domo admins have the power to control access to variables and monitor their usage. You can decide who can create and edit variables. And new DomoStats connectors provide all the data you need to understand how variables are being used across your instance.

Ponga en marcha sus datos

Descubra qué interacciones con los datos generan decisiones más rápidas y acertadas cada equipo y en cada puesto.

Visualizaciones y paneles de control

Cree visualizaciones interactivas que saquen a la luz datos ocultos.

Informes y análisis de autoservicio

Modernice sus informes con datos en tiempo real de manera que los usuarios puedan autoservirse.

Aplicaciones empresariales

Cree aplicaciones de programación visual o programación profesional que mejoren los procesos operativos.

Análisis integrados

Comparta datos e información detallada de forma segura fuera de su organización.


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