Embed Domo content in your own app or website.

With Domo Embed, you can create differentiated user experiences, monetize data assets, and simplify external information sharing by embedding Domo content in your own website, application, or portal.

Embedded analytics with no coding required.

Create new value from your data by sharing data and analytics content within your product, with security and governance baked in.
Deploy faster.
Use Domo Stories to create curated dashboards and flexible layouts with your own colors, logos, and images.
Embed at scale.
Embed charts, dashboards, or apps with data management, security, and mobile-ready design.
Simplified data governance.
Share data publicly, or privately in authenticated environments with granular entitlement policies.

Create and embed data stories.

Create one version of data and content, then share with users as appropriate.

Create customizable, interactive data experiences with Domo Stories.

Create custom filters to control what data people can see and allow them to filter themselves.

Embed into your own website or application, whether it’s public or private, by copying and pasting a link into an iFrame—no coding required.

Manage access with your existing authentication.

For privately embedded data, govern which data is viewable for each user, and filter all the way to the row-level, based on each users’ permissions.

Integrate with any identity provider for SSO so users only have to login once.

Define new entitlement policies in Domo with Personalized Data Permissions (PDP).

Persist the policies you have already set up externally with Programmatic Filters in server-side code.

We assumed putting our most experienced engineers on our in-page analytics project would deliver the reporting our customers needed. 6 years later we still struggled with scale. Embed delivered the interactivity we needed in weeks.

Domo now makes it easy for even our non-technical clients to feel comfortable with analytics. It really enables a lot more people to be working with the data.

Kara Schimmelfing, Data Solutions Consultant | D2L

Apply your own branding.

With Brand Kit, you can customize colors, logos, and visualization elements to match your brand or the brands of your customers or partners.

Add your company logo to the login screen, UI, report exports, and emailed reports.

Change page and chart backgrounds with custom colors or images, on desktop and mobile.

Customize fonts and color palettes to match your company standards.

Toggle Domo branding on and off for cards and exports.

Open up new possibilities with full analytics embed.

With full analytics embed, your customers and partners are free to create, edit, and share their own cards and dashboards.

Let your customers and partners create the visualizations they need, giving them immediate insights and allowing you to divert resources away from addressing support requests.

Expand your data’s reach and impact by letting users share their new cards and dashboards with others inside their organizations.

Build trust and transparency with your customers and partners by granting them control of the data they need.

Explore Domo Everywhere features.

Deep-dive into the Domo Embed and Domo Publish features.



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