Unilever’s Data-Driven Approach to Scaling Sales – Blueair Case Study

Blueair, a Unilever company, was founded on the firm belief that the freedom to breathe is a basic right. And they used that belief to make the world’s best air purifier. But as they expanded their sales into 60 countries, they saw opportunities to get more value from their data. Working across a complex business, with no formal data roadmap in place, they struggled to build out a cohesive sales strategy across all their stores, that would set them up for growth.

With Domo, they now better understand their sales performance across inventory, unit sales, and pricing. They use real-time data to track trends around how different things, like wildfire events or positioning on store shelves, are impacting sales. They also track and optimize inventory, demand, sales performance, and customer lifetime value. This helps them navigate their brick-and-mortar presence, allowing them to quickly scale with real-time insights.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How a cohesive data strategy helped Blueair scale operations while cutting out manual reporting.
  • How Blueair used trends on sales performance to inform pricing, promotions, advertising, and subscription models.
  • Why data helps Blueair reduce their out-of-stock rate and better predict inventory needs based on individual stores.


  • Daniel Espinosa, Head of Strategy for IT & Special Projects, Unilever
  • Grace Brockwell, Business Intelligence Strategist, MERGE

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