Reaping the Benefits of Robust Data Governance

Strong data governance provides the foundation for an effective data strategy. Putting time and thought into how your data is structured, managed, and accessed is key to building a data-driven culture.

This session will explore how companies are effectively planning and implementing governance into their data strategies, and how these investments in good governance are paying dividends in the form of cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved detection of and response to data issues.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Understand different strategies and governance structures that can be effective.
  • Learn about different tools Domo offers to customers looking to implement strong data governance.
  • See how early investments in governance can scale and grow with data infrastructure.


  • Moderator: Karl Altern, Principal Program Manager Data Governance, Domo
  • Alan Hyman, Director, Data Solutions Architecture, Search Discovery
  • Alexis Lorenz, CEO/MajorDomo Support Specialist, Data Maven
  • Grant Smith, Data Application Architect, PraxisMetrics

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