How to Elevate Sales and Operational Efficiency with a Map-based Application

Maps are an easy-to-read data visualization tool. By incorporating mapping analytics features such as distance rings, rule-based colors, and rule-based icons with location, service, and sales operations data, you can create a digestible way to share critical data that informs intelligent business actions.

In this session we’ll explore how Graphable, a Domo development partner, built an app that simplifies a critical business process for their client. The solution, developed using the open-source JavaScript library Mapbox, helps Graphable’s client efficiently manage upcoming engagements with their customers. In this session, Graphable will show how they incorporated Mapbox in Domo, from plotting both points and custom regions to geospatial and UX features, all while integrating with native Domo tools to provide non-technical users configuration ability for a flexible, multi-purpose application.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How to develop with Mapbox in Domo, and when maps are useful for BI.
  • How simple ideas like rule-based icons and color coding work well with maps to provide users with immediate insights that inform action.
  • How building apps on the Domo Apps framework reduces workload for developers.


  • Sarah Evans, Senior Consultant, Graphable

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