See How Domo’s Core Features Can Level Up Your Data Analysis

Before Domo, Willard had data in three different systems. They had to run manual reports in Excel, access multiple portals for different information, and limit the number of users with access to critical data. It was time consuming and resource-hogging work.

Now, with Domo, Willard automates reporting, combines data from multiple source systems for holistic data analysis, and empowers their users with direct access to the data and reports they need. In this session, hear from Domo experts as they walk you through Willard’s data architecture and reporting before and after Domo. You’ll be able to see the value of several of Domo’s core features including Workbench, Magic ETL, PDP, Drill Downs, and Design Dashboards.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How to establish automatic connection and transformation of data from older, on-premises databases.
  • How to give users direct access to the data and reports they need to make business decisions.
  • What the direct value-adds are from Domo’s core features.


  • Sarah Evans, Senior Consultant, Graphable
  • Joshua Ussel, Director of IT, Willard Agri-Service

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