GfK Consumer Insights: Digital Transformation in Real Life

In mid-2017, GfK, Germany’s largest market research institute, launched their new ‘Accelerate’ strategy following fresh investment from KKR. This presentation explains how Domo supported GfK in developing a new solution within six months of the strategy, building up a $6 million pipeline over two months, and achieving the first confirmed subscription sales immediately thereafter. The strategy outlined the company’s plans to leverage new technologies available to halt the decline in revenue and the squeeze in margins seen across the traditional market research industry. Key to this new strategy was finding a partner who would help GfK to:

  • Deliver data assets in a more standardized manner acceptable to their tech and consumer-durable client base
  • Manage the complexity of multiple data streams needed to integrate to offer a truly digital solution
  • Allow for the flexibility in design required to satisfy multiple client personas

Sean Regan, VP, Data & Technology at GfK
Larisa Vircavs, Product Manager at GfK

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