Beyond the Hype: Exploring the Evolution and Applications of Generative AI

We use conversational language every day to communicate—we text, we email, we search things on the internet. It’s intuitive and easy. Why should that experience stop when it comes to interacting with business data and critical decision-making? Accessing instant, accurate answers through simple free text is the new paradigm in self-service analytics for users at every level.

In this session, you’ll learn how integrating Pramana’s natural language query application into daily workflows has inspired Domo users to interact with their data in seamless, elegant, and powerful new ways.

We will also highlight:

  • Why users from executives to analysts will demand a natural language interaction going forward
  • How to leverage language to increase adoption
  • How Pramana’s tight integration with Domo allows companies to use natural language as the front door to knowledge and eliminate card sprawl


  • Chris Willis, Chief of Design, Domo
  • Corey Patton, Cofounder & CEO, Pramana Labs

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