Democratizing Data: No Luck Needed

Tipico, a leading European betting provider, aims to instill a data driven approach in every decision and operational process throughout the organization. At Tipico, data is not only a business asset, but also an integral part of our product. In this session, we immerse you through an exciting journey of democratizing data into an ever-transforming modern organization, where business process automation and advanced analytics drive business growth and maturity. In order to get started, we needed to find a tool that allowed self-exploration data discovery with powerful connectors to expose various data silos. We tell you why Domo succeeded and how Domo satisfied our data-savvy bookmaking team. We explore how we shifted focus to humanizing data in other business areas by leveraging Domo’s flexibility to guide users to explore data in a structured manner, achieving greater data proficiency. Follow us on our journey in proliferating our data-driven mindset throughout our business; our applications include self-service analytics, 360 views, data governance, and much more.

Pierre Grimaldi, Business Intelligence Manager at Tipico
Jake Dalli, Big Data Developer at Tipico

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