Data Governance: Managing Data To Drive Successful Outcomes

From planning a governance strategy and managing rollout timelines to overcoming obstacles and implementing security audits, there are many steps to position your data strategy for success from the start. This panel will explore data asset management and governance with Domo as a holistic process, and provide guiding principles for success.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Data governance principles: Managing data assets with frameworks to help navigate obstacles when implementing Domo
  • Foundational concepts for security and content audits: Managing security in Domo as it interacts and augments your entire data ecosystem
  • Data management: Managing data partitions through high-bandwidth Domo APIs
  • Data agility: Becoming more agile through governance dashboards and usage tracking
  • Holistic, easy-to-implement solutions for data management

Moderator: Wayne Eckerson, Founder & Principal Consultant, Eckerson Group
Kelsey McMahon, Manager, Marketing Analytics, CME Group
Ben Schein, VP, Data Curiosity, Domo
Dave Luna, Senior Technical Specialist, Data Analytics, CAE USA Inc

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