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Breakout Topics

  • Adoption - Enable smarter, faster, more valuable decisions. Learn how others have removed roadblocks and overcome obstacles to create data-driven culture that is shared company-wide.
  • Administration - Streamline the way your business operates. Learn how to more efficiently and effectively secure, manage, and scale your data, people, and systems to drive a smarter, safer, more secure business.
  • Ecosystem - Get more from your existing investments. Learn how to drive more value through a more connected ecosystem of people, partners, agencies, distributors, suppliers, and technology.
  • Tips and Tricks - Master new techniques, avoid pitfalls, and improve the ways you use Domo. Hear from the masters to learn new skills and harness the full power of the platform to get the most out of Domo.
  • Data Science - Advance your Data Science efforts with Domo. Learn how Domo's advanced analytics capabilities, AI & ML, and predictive modeling take data science to the next level.
  • Innovation - Reimagine how business can be done with data. Get inspired by seeing how Domo is driving innovation, revolutionizing business, enabling smarter/faster decisions, and producing game-changing results.
  • Apps Showcase - Create even more opportunity. Learn how people are using apps, built on the Domo platform, to deliver unique solutions and how you can take advantage of them.

Join us on stage at Domopalooza 2020.

We’re looking for inspiring speakers and stories for Domopalooza 2020. Tell us about your Domo experience and share any practical insights, lessons learned, or amazing stories you have about how you’ve digitally connected your business with Domo.

We’ve extended the Call for Presenters! Tell us about your story by October 22 to be considered.

Carolyn Miles | President and CEO of Save the Children

All accepted submissions will receive one (1) complimentary Domopalooza 2020 conference pass. If you have any questions, please email speakers@domopalooza.com.

Click here for descriptions to each Breakout Topic.

*Please note that sessions will be between 45 and 60 minutes in length and you may be paired with another presenter.

“Domopalooza” is a registered trademark of Domo, Inc.