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The challenge. Manual Process | Limited Flexibility

"The pain point that we were experiencing prior to Domo was having to interact with a lot of manual applications and processes—not very good for modeling data, and not very good for the historical categorization of it."

— Franco Anzini | Director of Sales Operations

The results.

"Domo saves us between 20 and 30 hours a quarter. That extra time allows us to do a lot more high-value things within the organization. We’re able to optimize some of our existing processes and applications, plus we're constantly working on pulling more data into Domo as a means of optimizing other data sources."

"As Xactly continues to grow, our sales teams continue to grow, and they need their own set of metrics to help them perform to their maximum capabilities. So the ability to slice and dice data along those team lines and territories really gives us the ability to be effective in how we continue to grow those territories and those teams."

"Mobile is huge. There's no question that salespeople specifically but also business people in general are moving to a mobile solution, and the Domo mobile solution is very clean and very intuitive. It plays to the natural tendencies that we've started to train people on when it comes to mobile devices, so it has a very easy adoption curve."

"The average business user is able to log into the system with very little training. They're able to dig and drill into the data via the visualization queues that a lot of the cards and KPIs provide and get immediate business value from the data."

The bottom line.

"The Domo solution is almost too simple to use. It can be adopted by any type of user to gain access to any type of data they want."

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