“By making data more accessible, it clarifies needed actions and makes measuring impact easier and more meaningful.”

Gabe Wight

Co-founder of Webata

Webata is a Walmart eCommerce technology company organized around sales & supply chain, the digital shelf, product presentation, and marketing & promotion.


High Tech

Departments using Domo

Marketing, Operations, Sales

Company Size

9 employees

Challenge: To power its ecommerce optimization solution, Webata needed a way to easily share eComm performance and action reporting with its consumer goods clients.

Solution: Webata shows insight into product sales, on-site performance, and opportunities by distributing real-time dashboards via Domo Everywhere.

Impact: Thanks to Domo, Webata is able to provide clarity of needed actions and build deeper, data-driven relationships with its clients.


Webata delivers top-shelf insights with Domo.

There is no one secret to ecommerce success when selling through Walmart. Instead, dozens of factors impact whether or not a product shows up at the top of a search or gets placed into a cart. To help brands better compete on Walmart.com—one of the top ecommerce platforms in the US—Webata provides the data and insights required to optimize digital shelf performance, product presentation, marketing, promotional materials, and more.

Webata leverages dozens of data sources to help brands track which of their products are available online (even at an individual Walmart store level), how their supply chains are distributing products, and if their products are showing up during searches.

Webata relies on Domo to share this data with clients in real time so they can make data-driven decisions about what action to take to improve their Walmart eComm business. Instead of requiring Webata to create the same report manually over and over, reports and dashboards are created once and then populated with the most current data, allowing clients to self-serve insights without wait or technical knowledge. As a result, Webata is now able to create better alignment with its customers, build trust, and unlock new levels of value.

“Domo Everywhere gives us the ability to easily publish a consistent set of dashboards for our clients,” said Gabe Wight, co-founder at Webata. “It helps us and our clients know which levers to pull that will actually drive profit.”


Turning insight into action.

Webata uses Domo Everywhere to provide descriptive and prescriptive insights into a brand’s experience on the Walmart ecommerce platform. “The descriptive side helps us quantify the shelf share of a brand, while the prescriptive side allows us to determine the impact that improvements in content creation, keyword inclusion or keyword bidding will have on their shelf share.”

Brand managers can easily see how their products are selling both at the national level and at a store-by-store level, whether products are being shipped to a house or picked up at a store, and if in-store inventory is keeping pace with online pickup demand.

Another dashboard shows how products are leveraging keywords to rank in search results compared to other products in the category, in addition to showing the impact of paid marketing efforts on sales. Clients can then use this data to make informed decisions about everything from keyword targeting and bid size to product page optimization.

“Domo Everywhere lets us create preset reports that share data at a high level that anyone can get their arms around,” Wight said. “If someone has specific questions they want to answer, they can then dig deeper into the data. They can actually see the data that is fueling their analysis; getting access to those data sets is really, really powerful.”


Focus on what matters most.

Webata’s clients include some of the largest consumer goods brands in the world, which means they can have thousands of products for sale on Walmart.com. Webata uses Domo to identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement so clients can focus on making the changes that will do the most good.

“We had a client with 120,000 items that had issues. We can’t just give them a list of 120,000 things to fix and wish them luck. Domo helps us prioritize which 100 issues at a time the client needs to work on based on the impact it will have on sales,” Wight said. “We’re all working up against limited resources, so we want to make sure that the most important action takes place first.”

Thanks to Domo, Wight says that Webata is now able to engage with clients at a much deeper level. “It’s been incredibly valuable in helping us be truly connected to our clients,” he said.


“By making data more accessible, it makes the insights and actions driving off the data more meaningful. It’s really increased our relationship value with our clients.”

Gabe Wight | Co-founder


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