“Domo allows us to use data to make smarter decisions on the fly, at scale.”

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Tipico is the largest sports-betting operator in Germany, with branches in Austria, Croatia, Gibraltar, Colombia and Malta. Tipico processes more than 500 million bets each day.



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Challenge: 100 ad hoc report requests per month held BI back.

Solution: Self-serve reporting allows business users to become their own BI developers.

Impact: Tipico gives business users instant access to insights while freeing BI to innovate.


Tipico makes reporting a strategic advantage with Domo.

Many businesses turn to Domo to become more data-driven. But for Tipico, their business isn’t just driven by data; it is data.

As the largest sports-betting operator in Germany, Tipico processes more than 500 million bets each day through its website and 1,100 retail locations, relying on Domo to make sure the odds stay in its favor.


Bringing data to the entire organization.

Before Domo, Tipico’s BI department found itself bogged down with roughly 100 ad hoc report requests a month. Each report would take 9-12 hours to create; this unplanned request would not only consume an analyst’s day and distract her from her other work, but would also slow down other departments as they waited for their reports. And in an industry where the action moves by the minute, twelve hours is an eternity.

That’s when Adrian Vella, head of data and BI at Tipico, turned to Domo to give his organization the ability to deliver proper self-service BI. “Our business users can now go in and create their own charts, their own data exploration, their own alerts. Basically, they can be their own BI developers,” he said. As a result, Vella was able to reduce ad hoc report requests by 50%.

“As users can now create their own reports, they can ask their own questions and drill down into the data themselves. Meanwhile, I’ve been able to take the time we’ve freed up to push my BI developers to do more innovative things,” said Vella. “Now we can do hardcore development while the business focuses on data exploration, which has totally changed the dynamic.”

In addition to self-service BI, Domo gave Tipico the ability to access data on the go through smartphones and tablets. When an executive is attending a match or watching a game at home, she can easily go into Domo to see Tipico’s betting exposure for any game or bet. “We couldn’t find another BI tool that had the native mobile functionality of Domo,” said Vella. “Now we can see our bets in real time as games are happening from anywhere, which is my absolute favorite feature.”


Driving the future.

Tipico has more than 200 Domo users across the organization, including marketing, the sportsbook, casino operations, customer service, payments, fraud prevention, and retail, which has historically been both the organization’s most significant challenge to manage and the unit where there’s the most opportunity to impact the company’s performance. “With 1,100 stores, we always need to manage our retail performance to understand where we should add more terminals and where we should not,” said Vella. Tipico uses Domo to analyze everything from foot traffic to franchise comparisons to customer trends to inform every decision it makes.

Tipico also uses Domo to reach out to high-rollers, win or lose, to keep them from going to another sportsbook. “You want to keep the attention of your customers quite high, so we do a lot of customer relationship management,” Vella explained. “Domo helps us drill into the bets of specific VIP clients so we can get the best ROI for every campaign.”

Big data, big goals.

With its betting volume, Tipico generates about 700 gigabytes of data per day, creating data sets surpassing eight billion rows. Tipico has been able to use this data to create a 360º view for each of its customers, including bet history, deposits, withdrawals, and even customer service chats. This helps executives to better understand their customers and create customized promotions that keep bettors coming back.


Tipico started its journey with Domo four years ago. Since then, its goals for Domo have evolved with the company. “We started out by wanting to better use data to drive business decisions. Then we said, ‘Okay, we should be able to predict the future,’” said Vega. “Once we were able to do that, we said, ‘Now we need to do this in real time.’ And we were able to add that in too.”

“Now we’re looking to connect it all together into the architecture of the business. For example, using our prediction model, we could use real-time data to trigger an action. Domo allows us to use data to make smarter decisions on the fly, at scale.”

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