The Cliffs is a real-estate development and private club company comprised of seven premier private, luxury lifestyle communities located in the Blue Ridge Mountain Region of North Carolina and South Carolina.


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The challenge. Disparate Data Sources | Limited Visibility

"Before Domo, we struggled with many disparate data sources. We needed the ability to consolidate and transform the data into usable information."

— Jamie Adams | CIO

The results.

"Like any company, we want to win in the market in which we compete. It’s hard to do that when you don’t have the information that you need. The fact that we now have that data in real-time with Domo is very powerful."

"With Domo, our entire executive team has access to the data at their fingertips, so that anytime, anywhere, on any mobile device, we can get the information we need to make winning decisions."

"In my department, we were spending 3-4 hours per month on reporting. The Finance and Sales teams were spending more than that. We looked at the people performing the work and assigned a value to their time, and we estimated an increase in sales as a result of having real-time KPIs for better decision making. Our return on investment with Domo has been close to 40%."

"I looked at a couple of competitive solutions, but the systems seemed very complex to set up. With all of the connectors Domo has, we were able to configure and get our financial data connected within a week. It was so easy for us to get everything set up."

"With Domo, we have everything in one place with the right metrics to truly measure performance for each department. Our people can spend their time working on projects that are more important than building reports all day."

The bottom line.

"The greatest benefit of Domo is that it enables our executive team to look at data as information and make quick, winning decisions about our departments each day."
Jamie Adams | Chief Information Officer

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