“Domo allows us to see the art of what’s possible.”

Jason Watson

Manager of Channel Performance Enablement

TELUS is a Canadian communications technology company with $17 billion in annual revenue and 17 million customer connections spanning wireless, data, IP, voice, television, entertainment, video, and security.



Company Size

90,000 Employees

This telecommunications company struggled to collect weekend sales data quickly enough to leverage when planning upcoming retail operations. 

Domo makes it simple to collect and share certified data in real time. 

TELUS now has access to weekend sales data first thing Monday morning, giving managers more time to adjust their strategies before the next weekend.


TELUS empowers retail sales success with Domo. 

TELUS is on a mission to create a better future for Canadians by not only connecting people together through leading telecommunication services, but by giving 5% of their pre-tax profits to charities throughout the communities they serve.  

By using Domo to uncover new opportunities to increase revenue from their retail locations, TELUS is able to invest even more into the well-being of their customers while meeting their growth targets.  


“By having data available first thing every morning, Domo helps us drive better conversations.”

Jason Watson | Manager of Channel Performance Enablement


Monday morning insights.

Before Domo, TELUS struggled to collect all its relevant data across 9 million customers, hundreds of retail locations, and thousands of employees all in one place. Not only was data hard to gather, but different groups would come up with different numbers for the same information, reducing confidence in data.  

“We kept having lots of discussions about which number was right, and we’d often have a 1% variance between two data sources,” Watson said. “Domo has ended all those conversations by driving us to one source of truth; now the conversations are about how to make the numbers better.”  


Thanks to Domo, TELUS has been able to significantly streamline its reporting process by making data automatically available in real time. Not only does the company now save hundreds of hours of manual labor in data collection and reporting, but it allows business users to take action sooner. 


“Our busiest days are the weekend, but we often weren’t able to report on results until Wednesday,” Watson said. “Now we can have that conversation on Monday morning. This lets us start the week off strong so teams can have relevant discussions on what’s working, what needs some elbow grease, and how upcoming initiatives can drive performance.” 

“By pulling the meeting forward two days, managers can focus on building towards the next weekend.”

Uncovering possibilities. 

TELUS uses Domo to share real-time dashboards that show everyone from leadership down to field reps how the business is performing. Not only does this help the company track business health, but it allows sales reps and their managers to understand how they are performing in relation to one another. Top performers are rewarded, while lagging performers receive the additional training and support they need to improve their numbers.  

“With Domo, a territory sales manager can look at their data and find the outliers to identify the sales associates or areas that need support the most,” said Michael Campisi, Senior Strategy Manager at TELUS. “Meanwhile, enabling reps to see in one card where they stand against their peers and discover opportunities for growth which is so powerful for them.” 

The company also uses Domo for deeper insights into its new product launches. Rather than focus solely on top-line sales, the company can better analyze which locations and reps are making the majority of sales so it can identify how to get other locations more engaged. In addition, TELUS uses Domo to dig deeper into its retention data to understand what it needs to do to keep its best customers happy for longer.  


TELUS is using Domo to change its culture to one that is focused on making data-driven decisions. “I joke sometimes that I want to put our Insights team out of business because Domo allows us to create visualizations that require no explanation,” Watson said. 

TELUS is now able to keep pace with the rapidly-changing customer expectations and the impact that has on the retail environment. “Retail has evolved. Customers are more informed and knowledgeable than they used to be, and they have different wants and needs depending on their location,” Campisi said. 


“With Domo, we’re able to identify the different needs of customers in specific areas so we can better support Canadians across the country.” 

Michael Campisi | Senior Strategy Manager


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