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The challenge. Accurate | Real-Time Data

"One of the challenges we had in the past was when we tried building our own BI systems, it would require specialists who would have to code things and do all of the work. If a customer wanted to make a change, add filters, or do something new, it required me to go through a development cycle that would be long and drawn out. Now the people who build my Domo cards are the same people who used to build Excel spreadsheets.”"

— Jason Roberts | VP Of Operations

The results.

"Domo has revolutionized our business by transforming us from running as a reactive and backward-looking metrics company to a forward looking metrics company. We are able to run our business with data like we have never run it before, and our leaders have really adopted it and our customers love it."

"With Domo, I can be predictive and foresee any issue we might have meeting a customer deadline to pull the right levers to get the resolution we need and ultimately meet, or exceed, the customer’s expectations."

"It’s hard to say what the one thing is about Domo that I love. I’m sort of the guy that if Domo had a store, I would camp out whenever they released a new product, I would be the guy camping out in a tent the night before. I’m a big fan."

The bottom line.

Before Domo, our executive leadership never had the power of getting data, let alone global data, at their fingertips. I love the power of Domo Mobile
Jason Roberts | VP of Operations

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