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Departments using Domo


The challenge. Manual Process | Slow Access

"We were running numbers out of a traditional BI tool and then dumping them into massive spreadsheets. This was a very manual process that hindered our ability to get at the necessary client data in a timely fashion."

— Michael Brandt | Director, BI and Analytics

The results.

"Professionals in my role spend a good portion of time just keeping the lights on—infrastructure maintenance, patches, capacity run-outs—but with Domo we can streamline those processes to focus more on strategic initiatives. Using Domo, we’re able to execute projects in a fraction of the time and have cut development time by one-third average."

"An executive can sit down in a corporate meeting and pull up client information to see how that business is doing. Before, they had someone like an analyst sending highlighted data to their email accounts, but Domo eliminates that. They have immediate access to what they want to look at."

"We are a global company so we’re definitely taking advantage of Domo’s maps. We already had this kind of geographical data, but now we’re able to very quickly have it visually graphed in a world map to send out to executives—not just here in the U.S. but in other countries as well."

"If account managers have a client meeting that afternoon, they’re now able to run a report just prior to the meeting and have the latest numbers. They have up-to-date information available online any day they want, and the data isn’t stale by the time the customer sees it. That’s good, solid ROI."

The bottom line.

"Domo has decreased the manual workload of our analysts by 70 percent."

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