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Departments using Domo


The challenge. Manual Process | Limited Access

"In order to send daily reports on company performance to our external stakeholders I basically had to spend an hour and a half each day running reports in SQL, uploading the spreadsheets, and sending an email out to that group. And if they needed this data on weekends, they had to wait until Monday to get up-to-date information."

— Szymon Laczny | Sr. Manager, Business Planning & Analytics

The results.

"Domo saves me at least 20 hours per month. It even helps when I get ad hoc requests, because I already have most of the data in Domo. It’s just a question of creating the card and sharing it. Overall, I’m gaining efficiency in what I do by divesting myself from tasks that required little brainpower but lots of time and effort."

"Our call center manager uses Domo to monitor our service calls. For instance, we have certain discount codes our Customer Care representatives can use in various situations, and if the manager sees the use of those codes go up, he can either quickly address whatever the service issue might be or else find out if the code was improperly used by the call center staff and address it in future training."

"We have some KPIs that we monitor frequently, every hour or 15 minutes, to help us monitor the state of the business in basically real time, so if some promotional codes aren’t working or the website is down, we can detect those issues and react quickly. That wasn’t so easy in the past."

"In our daily reporting to external stakeholders, we always included things like daily revenue performance and forecast variance. When we created a Domo dashboard for them, they requested additional metrics which could give them a better picture of the business. On the same day they asked for it, we were able to expand those metrics to include weekly, monthly and quarterly views, so they could see trends instead of just
the most recent data. That’s one of the things they love most about Domo because they now have a more holistic view at any moment instead
of the very narrow snapshots."

The bottom line.

“Executives and stakeholders have direct access to Domo’s KPIs, so they can access the data they care about, even on weekends. And they can look at it on their smartphones, so wherever they are, they can have information at their fingertips.”

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