"Domo has helped to align our departments, ensuring everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals and objectives."

Matt Jones


OVO is an Australian telco and media broadcaster offering SIM-only, data, prepaid, and mobile broadband plans targeted toward sports and entertainment fans. OVO Mobile is powered by Optus’ 4G Plus Mobile network, while OVO Play offers on-demand streaming for live sports telecasts and access to premium channels.



Departments using Domo


Challenge: Telco and digital media require a broad range of metrics that differ greatly, but would ideally be consolidated into one location for aligned, coherent reporting across the business.

Solution: Quick integration of pre-configured data streams from both lines of business.

Impact: Real-time reports that tell a clearer, compelling story and are more engaging and reassuring for corporate stakeholders.


Before Domo

As both a telco and digital media broadcaster, OVO’s business model requires a range of metrics that differ widely between the two industries it covers. In the past, OVO business leaders lacked a centralised reporting platform on which they could not only view these metrics side-by-side, but draw meaningful insights from the bigger picture, with their previous solution proving too basic for their requirements. In order to drive greater business growth, the leadership at OVO decided to adopt Domo to consolidate organisational metrics and align reporting in a clear, coherent, and accurate manner.

“We wanted every single employee in the company to have access to one central visualisation environment, instead of continuously grappling with different reporting systems. With Domo, my team can now generate weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports all from one single source of truth. Today, we have no other source of information other than Domo.”


After Domo

Domo’s hundreds of data connectors helped OVO to quickly integrate its pre-configured data streams from both its telco and media broadcasting lines of business. The result: an integrated, real-time dashboard with data to inform strategic business direction (ie. marketing, partnerships, ad sales) from both industries, generating a new domain of value for OVO.

Integrated Reporting

As a telco and media broadcaster, OVO relies on real-time data of its viewership and revenue streams to guide its strategy in two highly volatile and competitive markets. With Domo, OVO has been able to generate both high-level and granular reports for investors and board members that tell a clearer, more compelling story, woven out of metrics such as historical trends, unique views, total views, average watch time, and advertising revenue. The reports have helped OVO both better engage its corporate stakeholders and reassure them of continued compliance in its highly regulated markets.

“Domo has made our life so much easier by eliminating the need for a third party to pull together multiple reports. All our board reports, be they weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly, are generated from the Domo dashboard, giving stakeholders an intuitive and to-the-minute picture of performance and compliance. Our board and investors have been telling us that thanks to these reports, they better understand how different KPIs relate to each other and see the bigger picture of our business model as it’s playing out in both industries today.”

“Domo has helped to align our departments, ensuring everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals and objectives.”

Matt Jones| Chief Executive Officer


High User Adoption

Due to its ease of use and wide range of features, Domo has proven extremely popular amongst OVO’s employees, with rapid uptake amongst users from different business functions, age groups, and technical skills. While its previous software was too basic and caused frustration amongst many user groups, OVO has found widespread employee enthusiasm for Domo’s easy-to-use dashboard, wide range of functionalities, and personalised self-service features.

“We have users in our business who are over 60 and are not necessarily the most tech-savvy, but they are able to hop onto Domo, click on a chart, use the filters, and generate the report they want. It’s easy to navigate and suitable for a range of audiences. I rarely have any member of my team saying they can’t use Domo, or that it doesn’t meet their needs or fit their purpose. It has unified our entire business around our organisational data in a way that really encourages collaboration and reliance on hard facts instead of operational hearsay.”

Value for Partners

With Domo’s breadth of functionality, OVO has been able to create scheduled reports for its sports and entertainment partners by simply enabling an auto-notification function that will generate emails detailing static views of the last day, week, or fortnight, immediately after broadcast. The customisable data enables partners to work out which events perform better than others, helping them drive business growth and stay a step ahead of competitor broadcasting strategies.

“Unlike other more rudimentary reporting platforms, Domo really adds value for our partners by enabling us to produce automated insights for them. Instead of simply presenting a set of metrics, we’re able to show our partners the value they’re gaining from working with us at every event, illustrating how we’re progressing as a single team with the same goals in mind. It’s really helped strengthen our relationships with existing partners, and the resulting accountability also acts as a strong drawcard for prospects looking to work with us.”

Results and Future Opportunities

Having all data in a single, highly visible location has helped OVO to achieve heightened commercial success and high revenue growth. Since the company started in 2015 and went live with Domo in 2016, it has grown to 70,000 mobile customers and two million audiences across 150 countries who stream live content on their network.

Moving forward, OVO plans to upscale its Domo ecosystem across regions, including deployments in North America where it has already begun efforts to expand its commercial network. OVO has also recently acquired an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) company as a core technology platform to underpin its unique business model.

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