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Departments using Domo


The challenge. Scattered Data | Manual Process

"We were just collecting all this data in all these different places, and we didn't really have the ability to do anything with it."

— Tim Klausmeier | Dir. of Business Intelligence

The results.

"Domo isn’t limited to desktop computers at work — it’s in the cloud. You can access it from any computer in the world."

"If we see that we’re under budget in revenue or number of new customers, we can immediately move to the next set of metrics to diagnose the issues without having to leave Domo and search third party tools. That ability really keeps us ahead of the game."

"The ability to take different sets of data from different channels and fuse them together to create one data source just wasn’t available anywhere else. Other solutions weren’t even in the same ballpark as Domo."

"We’ve taken every department in the company and put them in one central location, allowing our senior team to really keep a pulse on how things are going. Our CEO is always logged in, even on weekends — he’s looking at stuff seven days a week in there."

"We can track the total amount of discounts we give to customers on a daily basis in Domo. In the old days, it would have taken half a day to compile and analyze that data — now we’re doing it in minutes."

The bottom line.

"We're talking about paid advertising, organic rankings, site speed, fulfillment rates, and call center data up and running in one place. Domo is a huge time save."

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