“The data doesn’t lie.”

Bryce Nobles

Growth Marketer

MX, the financial data platform and leader in modern connectivity, helps organizations everywhere connect to the world’s financial data and turn raw, unstructured data into their most valuable asset to deliver intelligent and personalized money experiences.


High Tech

Departments using Domo

Marketing, Other, Sales

Company Size

700 employees

Challenge: This financial technology provider required a way to better access and leverage data throughout the organization.

Solution: MX uses Domo to improve the employee experience and optimize revenue generation.

Impact: Domo is helping MX leverage data across the organization to make smarter decisions at scale.


MX uses Domo to empower its employees as it transforms the future of money.

In today’s world, your experience with money has little to do with cold, hard cash. From going to the convenience store to financing major business purchases, almost all consumer and business transactions alike now take place digitally.

MX helps banks, credit unions, and fintechs grow their business and power their solutions by providing the connectivity, data, and personalization required to power modern financial experiences. By helping clients connect to and leverage customer data, MX is able to help organizations deliver data-driven experiences, and identify additional opportunities for growth.

MX uses Domo throughout the organization to track KPIs, goals and performance. Whether it’s accessing the mobile app or looking at real-time stats displayed on monitors throughout the office, nearly every MX employee has access to the departmental and organizational data they need to operate.

In order to maximize the experience, MX assigned a Domo administrator to each department; this person is not only a Domo expert but an expert in the exact needs of their line of business, giving them the insight required to tailor solutions to match the needs of their colleagues.


Creating a data-driven employee experience.


MX’s people experience organization uses Domo to leverage data in new ways to improve employee retention. According to Heather Luczak, Director of People Development at MX, one of the primary reasons people leave is that they want more opportunities to grow their career. HR uses Domo to share the information that employees and leaders need to develop and grow their careers. This helps the company look beyond role-based technical skills to also consider critical cultural and value behavior skills so they can nurture and grow the entire employee.

“If I’m an individual and I want to make a plan for how I can develop, I need those insights for myself,” Luczak said. “What we’re doing with Domo is bringing together this idea of other people’s perception of someone’s skills combined with their performance numbers. It really empowers the individual.”


“What we see is higher engagement, which leads to higher productivity, higher customer engagement, and decreased turnover. MX is now an employer of choice because of what we offer team members.”

Heather Luczak | Director of People Development


According to Luczak, MX has nearly doubled its headcount within the last two years; more than 50% of employees have less than a year of tenure. This means the people experience organization needs to do everything it can to engage employees. With Domo, MX can use data to develop its team members and leaders so that they’re best positioned to succeed.

“Having the right data is going to be critical for us in the next stage of our growth as an organization,” Luczak said.


Turning insight into revenue.


“They literally hired me to be the missing link between sales and marketing,” said Bryce Nobles. As a Growth Marketer at MX, it’s up to Nobles to ensure that the work marketing does at the top level is reflected in the company’s bottom line.

“Domo processes the story that we’re trying to tell,” he said. “It shows how these two departments can work together. There’s more alignment top-down from that.”

Nobles and his team use Domo to create and share a single dashboard that connects the organization’s important information so a sales rep can work at peak effectiveness. By creating a single source of truth, there’s no longer any confusion about what is working or why. “Domo is meant to be the mediator beyond myself,” Nobles said. “The data doesn’t lie. More and more sales reps are attaining their quotes because they have the ability to tap into the marketing momentum for their prospects.”

Like most companies, the pandemic challenged MX to rethink everything about the way it works. Unlike many companies, MX nearly doubled its pipeline during the pandemic. Nobles credits the company’s ability to leverage its sales and marketing data for its increased performance in the face of a pandemic.


“I would say the biggest winner out of all this is the trust between the teams. The reason why we were able to do that is we had a scalable foundation.”

Bryce Nobles | Growth Marketer


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