Mark Brand is a chef, professor, and social impact entrepreneur leading advocacy programs to help marginalized populations reintegrate into society through purposeful work and innovation. From his Vancouver restaurant, Save on Meats, to running five other businesses and a charity, Mark’s single goal is to help end isolation and poverty worldwide. By transforming his business with Domo, Mark has real-time access to the right data, at the right time, to enable change.



Departments using Domo


The challenge. Incredibly Complex | Scattered Data from Disparate Sources

"I have data. The challenge is that I need trusted, collated data that I can aggregate from multiple sources with unlimited users. Then I could visualize that data for the general public so that they could understand it. That’s exactly what Domo does."

— Mark Brand | Social Impact Entrepreneur/Chef/Educator

The results.

"We started using Domo with Save On Meats because it's the most complex of the businesses. It’s balancing a social impact day-to-day business—seven different call centers, four different labor centers, a meal program, a commissary kitchen, and a radio station. All of these things are balanced in this one business, so we said ‘Let's take the highest tension point business first and see how we can manage it."

"With Domo, everybody's got the same data set, so we are all looking at the exact same information that's in real-time, day-to-day. Domo’s given me the freedom to be on the road and feel like I'm actually there at the same time because the information is so clean."

"Being on the same page makes that part of the conversation much more concise. It gives us the bandwidth and ability to look at the bigger scope of what we are trying to do by employing more people, feeding more people, and ultimately working towards ending homelessness."

"What's interesting is Domo’s consulting team's willingness to go into unchartered territory. We are working with PAL, an app they haven't worked with before. We are literally creating new tech bridges together. If we can get the actual data from the real humans experiencing this problem, we no longer have any excuses."

The bottom line.

“I can use Domo as an actual tool to advocate with. It’s not just building the platform, it's not just managing my businesses. This is an advocacy tool. When I walk into a conversation with a civic leader, and I pull up my Domo instance and go, “Hey, have you seen this before?” and hand it to them, you should see their faces.”
Mark Brand | Social Impact Entrepreneur/Chef/Educator

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