“Being able to put these insights into the hands of our store teams has been massively impactful.” 

Emily Peterson

Director, Analytics & Strategy at Intermix

Intermix is a high-fashion retail boutique featuring top designers and luxury brands. They offer the latest styles online and in-store at more than 30 boutiques across the country.



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This boutique retailer struggled to bring its website, in-store, and marketing data together, creating a disjointed customer experience. 

With all its customer data together in one dashboard, Intermix can now precisely target each customer.

Using its insights, stylists can better customize suggestions while web marketers can reduce acquisition costs.


Intermix delivers data-driven fashion with Domo.

Boutique fashion retailer Intermix knows that style isn’t just about clothes, but the people who wear them. That’s why it carefully curates its product line to carry a mix of established and emerging designers, and then offers complimentary styling services to ensure that every customer finds a style that is unique to them.  

To keep the customer at the heart of the organization, Intermix relies on Domo. “My team’s function is to democratize and circulate all our data in a very actionable format,” said Emily Peterson, director of analytics and strategy at Intermix.  


Fashionably informed.

Before Domo, Intermix had valuable customer data siloed across its marketing department, ecommerce operations, and retail locations. Because data was disconnected, a stylist making a recommendation about a pair of jeans had no visibility into the fact that her customer had been browsing dresses online the day before, which items were sitting in her online cart that she might want to try on, or the effectiveness of online promotions in spurring offline sales. 

Thanks to Domo, the company can now access, visualize, and share customer insights across the organization, allowing Intermix to improve operations while better serving shoppers. Intermix can now effectively track its customers as they shop online and in its boutiques, allowing its marketing team to tailor communications while having a better understanding of its customer lifetime value.   

“We began by using Domo to take all our customer data, such as order history and demographics, and combine it with the many other data sets that are central to other parts of the business,” Peterson said.


Stylists at boutiques can now access customer dashboards that provide a visual dashboard of each customer’s fashion sense as represented by the items in her cart, her favorites list, her previous purchases, and more. When a customer makes an appointment for a styling session, the stylist can access this information and use it to tailor recommendations. 

“That’s been a huge unlock for us,” Peterson said. “Being able to put these insights into the hands of our store teams has been massively impactful.”

Insights in style. 

Intermix uses Domo to significantly increase who can access data within its organization. The retailer launched with 25 licenses, but rapidly expanded to more than 125 licenses as it found more opportunities to get data into the right hands.

“One of the biggest unlocks was that Domo helped us bridge the gap between our stores and digital,” Peterson said. “We have a program where our top customers receive a box once a month from our stylists, where they keep what they want and send back what they don’t. Our stylists can now use website data to inform what they pack in these boxes. The ability to unlock this omnichannel experience has been tremendous.”

Intermix has used Domo to improve the way it utilizes its stores as fulfillment centers for online orders. Previously, the company struggled with store teams lacking real-time visibility into what items had been sold in a day on the website, often leading to the overselling of available stock and resulting in cancelled website orders. By using Domo to provide visibility into customer website orders, store managers now operationally understand what inventory is reserved and for which local customers, helping stores improve customer experience while cutting order decline rates in half.


“By providing visibility into the downstream impact of declines, we’ve been able to generate a positive customer impact while helping our stores feel more empowered with their stock.”

Emily Peterson | Director, Analytics & Strategy


In addition, Intermix can see how its customers interact with the business across all its channels, not just its websites, allowing it to ramp up its acquisition spend when it’s both most cost-effective and when it’s more likely to acquire customers who will pay full-price instead of promotional prices. “Domo empowered us to reshuffle our acquisition spend to be more effective for long-term impact by bringing full-price customers into our business.”   

Looking forward, Intermix is working with the Domo data science team to build out its customer model so it can more accurately predict customer lifetime value. Not only will it help Intermix predict how much revenue it will drive from customers, but the model will help predict factors that lead to customer churn on one end and higher customer engagement on the other so it has a better understanding of its business triggers.  

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